5 Reasons You Need DynaFire For Casselberry Fire Extinguisher Recharge

What’s the point of having a fire extinguisher if it won’t work when you need it? Here’s how our team of Fire & Life Safety experts handles your Casselberry fire extinguisher recharge.

Hopefully, you never need your fire extinguisher, but when you do, you want it to work properly. Did you know that your fire extinguisher should be inspected by a professional every year? It may also need to be recharged from time to time. Lucky for you, DynaFire is here for your Casselberry fire extinguisher recharge. We’ll help keep your commercial property safer by answering the top questions we get about recharging fire extinguishers.

What Does It Mean To Recharge A Fire Extinguisher?

How long have your fire extinguishers been hanging out in their boxes on the wall? Do you just assume they will work if you need them? Don’t be so sure. Fire extinguishers need maintenance, just like everything else on your property. Having a team of passionate fire protection professionals on speed dial ensures you’re properly maintaining this critical equipment. And we know you’ve already programmed our number into your phone.

Wondering what it takes to take care of a Casselberry fire extinguisher recharge? Here’s what you should know:

  • After being de-pressurized, all of the agent is removed from the extinguisher
  • The discharge valve is removed from the cylinder
  • The siphon tube is removed from the valve
  • The valve stem and spring are removed
  • The valve is cleaned, and the O-ring is replaced
  • The extinguisher is inspected for damage
  • The extinguisher valve is reassembled
  • Extinguisher agent is refilled to the appropriate level
  • The extinguisher is tested for signs of leakage, then weighed
  • A new tamper seal is installed on the safety pin, and a new recharge tag is placed on the unit indicating the total weight and the technician who completed the work

So basically, we take it apart, clean it, refill it, then put it back together with a shiny new tag. If this all sounds complicated to you, it’s a good thing you found us.

How Often Do I Need To Recharge My Fire Extinguisher?Casselberry fire extinguisher recharge

Well, that depends. There are several factors that affect the frequency at which you need to have a Casselberry fire extinguisher recharge, and it’s best to check with a Fire & Life Safety professional as well as the manufacturer specifications to know for sure.

And when you need a recharge, we’ve got your back at DynaFire. 

How Do I Check My Fire Extinguisher Gauge? 

This quick check should be on your to-do list every month. The gauge will tell you if your fire extinguisher is undercharged, overcharged, or just right. If your gauge reads “Recharge” or “Over Pressurized Range,” it’s time to have our DynaFire techs service your unit.

Where Do I Go To For A Casselberry Fire Extinguisher Recharge?

If you think you can recharge your own fire extinguisher, think again. Only a certified fire equipment dealer (Hello, it’s nice to meet you!) or a fire department is authorized to perform fire extinguisher services like this.

And you don’t want to pester your local firemen and women with this kind of thing. They’re busy fighting fires and rescuing cats from trees. Come to us for your Casselberry fire extinguisher recharge. We’d much rather help you with your fire extinguisher than climb a tree. We’re dog people anyway.

What Other Fire Extinguisher Services Does DynaFire Offer?

At DynaFire, we can absolutely recharge your fire extinguisher, and we offer so much more for your Life & Fire Safety needs. We can design your fire safety system, install it, inspect it, monitor it, and perform routine maintenance, and so much more. Oh, and we have legendary customer service.

We hope this answered your pressing questions about Casselberry fire extinguisher recharge. Contact us today, and we’ll take a look at your fire extinguisher to see if it needs routine maintenance. Once it’s recharged, we can set your property up with a regular maintenance schedule.

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