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The only thing we take more seriously than our business is our employees and their careers. We believe hiring exceptional people is a start, and then it is up to DynaFire to incorporate new hires into the culture of our business. We provide cutting edge technology and Life Safety Services to our client’s, but that doesn’t keep us from busting out the grill on a nice day!

Work WIth Us

What makes working at DynaFire different than any other Fire & Life company?



We are family owned. Yes, we are growing at warp speed, but that doesn’t mean we want to lose what makes us family. No matter how giant DynaFire gets, we know the root of that growth and expansion lies in YOU.

Continued Education

DynaFire supports employees with continued education and certification. Basically, we want to keep being the best in our industry and that means supporting you in remaining ahead of the curve.


We know that employees’ voices tend to get smaller as companies grow, so we take additional steps to insure that never happens at DynaFire. Surveys and review meetings provide opportunities for individual and company growth.
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We offer a comprehensive benefits package that goes beyond just a paycheck. By investing in our employees' success and happiness, we're not only fostering a positive work culture but also driving the long-term success of our company.

DynaFire is a Drug-Free Company

DynaFire Academy

DynaFire is a Drug-Free Company

DynaFire Academy

State of Florida