How Often Do You Need Fort Myers Fire Extinguisher Service?

Do you know when it’s time to schedule your Fort Myers fire extinguisher service? DynaFire has the answers and the Fire & Life Safety services you need. 

Fire extinguishers are an essential component of any fire protection strategy, and they’re required in a commercial setting. And unlike that pet rock you got for your 10th birthday, they do require some attention from time to time to make sure they’re in working order. 

How Often Does A Fire Extinguisher Need to be Maintained?

In a workplace environment, fire extinguishers need to be inspected visually by a responsible person at least once every month. While you don’t need to be a certified fire professional for these monthly checks, we know where you can find some experts (hint: it’s us) for the job. 

Monthly Fire Extinguisher Inspections

If you’re planning to DIY your monthly fire extinguisher inspection, you should know that this is one of the best things you can do to ensure that your extinguisher can be operated reliably and effectively in an emergency. 

At a minimum, this inspection should include verification that:

  • The extinguisher is in its designated location
  • The extinguisher is easily accessible and highly visible
  • The pressure gauge is in the operating range
  • The physical condition of the extinguisher is good, with no dents, damage, or signs of wear

You should always inspect the extinguisher more frequently if it’s stored somewhere that makes it prone to rust, impact, or tampering. Once this inspection is complete, the month, year, and the name of the person who conducted the inspection should be recorded on the tag attached to the extinguisher. After all, you should take some credit for all of your hard work. 

Annual Fire Extinguisher Maintenance 

Unlike monthly fire extinguisher checks, annual maintenance needs to be conducted by a certified person who is familiar with the requirements of the NFPA 10. Our technicians are NICET certified and don’t miss a thing. We examine:

  • All mechanical parts
  • The extinguishing agent
  • The physical condition
  • The expelling means

These steps are all part of the external examination of the fire extinguisher. Internal examination is also required at one to six-year intervals, depending on the extinguisher type on your property. Don’t worry, as Fort Myers fire extinguisher service experts we can take care of that too. Check out some of our other blog content to learn more about fire extinguisher hydrostatic testing, how to use a fire extinguisher, and more. 

Why DynaFire?Fort Myers Fire Extinguisher Service

Not only do we offer industry-leading, code-compliant service options, we have the best customer service you’ll ever experience. Brandon C. left this review, sharing the positive impact we’ve had on his projects:

“Over the past few years, I have had the pleasure of working with DynaFire on several of our projects. I have always found the team at DynaFire to be very professional and take great pride in their work. As a project manager, I interact with many suppliers and subcontractors every day, and it is refreshing to work with a team that is truly dedicated and “on top of it” as is DynaFire. From bid, to submittals, to finished product, DynaFire would be an asset to any project that values professionalism and has pride in delivering a first-rate product from start to finish.”

Fort Myers Fire Extinguisher Service: Maintenance, Testing, and More

DynaFire is your one-stop shop for all your Fire & Life Safety needs. We provide fire extinguisher services to our clients all over the state of Florida, as well as design, installation, inspection, maintenance, and monitoring for the fire protection systems you rely on. Don’t wait a minute longer. Contact us today and experience the difference we bring to your commercial property.

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