Looking For Orlando Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring Without Cellular Sunsets? Say Hello To DynaNet

When was the last time you evaluated your Orlando commercial fire alarm monitoring service? There’s no better time than now. 

Learning about the alarm monitoring solution you use on your commercial property may not seem like the most exciting part of your day, but we’re about to change that. And even if we don’t, that’s okay. The DynaFire Team is obsessed with Fire & Life Safety, so you don’t have to be.

How Does Fire Alarm Monitoring Work?

You can’t be everywhere all the time. No matter how much you wish you could teleport yourself out of your Aunt Susan’s living room when she’s in the middle of another lengthy discussion about the mystery symptom her podiatrist can’t figure out – you’re stuck there. 

It’s the same with your Orlando commercial fire alarm monitoring. Your commercial property isn’t occupied 24 hours a day, and even if it is, the people there probably have other things to do besides watch for fire alarm activations throughout your building. 

If the fire alarm sounds in your building, what happens? An employee or building occupant may place a 911 call and alert emergency responders. But what happens if no one is there to hear it? Or if no one is able to place the call?

That’s where your fire alarm monitoring system comes in. When the alarm sounds, the monitoring system automatically alerts a Central Monitoring Station of the activation. The Central Station can then notify the appropriate emergency responders of the situation.

Why You Need Orlando Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring 

Equipping your buildings with 24/7 fire alarm monitoring ensures that fires and other emergencies are addressed. Not only is monitoring required on some property types, but it also has the following benefits:

  • Faster response times, resulting in reduced damage to property and harm to building occupants.
  • Added reassurance that your commercial property is protected.
  • Assurance that your alarm systems are functioning correctly. 
  • Reduced disruption to business operations.
  • And more.

Why You Should Run From Monitoring Systems That Rely on Cellular

If you look back at parts of your life and think, “I wish someone had told me not to do that,” then consider this your sign that you shouldn’t be working with an Orlando commercial fire alarm monitoring service that uses cellular frequencies to send alarm signals. 

Not only is cellular unreliable and slow, but you’ll also be trapped in an endless cycle of equipment upgrades every time a cellular network (like 3G) is terminated. 

DynaNet: The Superior AlternativeOrlando Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring

DynaNet is our branded, wireless Orlando commercial fire alarm monitoring solution. It communicates signals on a dedicated radio frequency used only for emergency signals. This means your alarm signal isn’t going to fight for priority service over someone on their fourth hour of scrolling TikTok (we all know that person).

DynaNet is faster, more reliable, and saves you money each month. It requires minimal setup and is scalable regionally, nationally, and internationally. Oh, and DynaNet comes with our exceptional customer service. Just look at what Sue H. had to say:

“As a manager of commercial properties, it’s so important to have service providers you trust. DynaFire has proven time and again they have our best interest in mind. They were the leader in wireless technology resulting in reduced costs to our properties. The DynaFire team is exceptional.”

Don’t wait another day to make the switch to DynaFire. Contact our team now to schedule your next service.

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