5 Benefits Of An Orlando Monitored Fire Alarm System

We can come up with a lot of reasons why you need fire alarm monitoring, and why you need DynaFire for your Orlando monitored fire alarm system. We’re sharing a few of them here.

Florida building code requires that specific commercial properties and occupancy types have fire alarms that are monitored by an approved supervising station in accordance with NFPA 72. That’s a really complicated way to say that if you own or operate a commercial property that must comply with these codes, you need an Orlando monitored fire alarm system. 

To put it in layman’s terms, fire alarm monitoring is when you have a qualified provider monitoring the fire and security systems on your property, constantly watching for any alarm activations. In the case of an activation, the third party will verify the source of the alarm, whether it’s a legitimate emergency, and then alert first responders if needed.

There are a lot of benefits to monitoring that aren’t just ‘because you have to,’ and we wanted to share them with you now. Buckle up.

5 Benefits Of An Orlando Monitored Fire Alarm System

Fast Response

Now that you know what fire alarm monitoring is, it makes sense that buildings with professional monitoring systems get the fastest response times. And here’s a secret – with DynaFire, it’s even faster. That’s because we threw traditional phone lines and cellular monitoring out the window when we came on the alarm monitoring scene. Our monitoring solution is 100% wireless and sends alarm signals in 1-3 seconds. That’s fast, especially compared to the 45 or more seconds it can take for traditional monitoring systems to relay the same signals.

Reduced Property Damage

Monitored alarm systems allow for quick response, meaning fire departments and other first responders are on scene as soon as possible after an alarm activation. Fires are easier to control before they spread, so the faster you have someone there to extinguish the blaze, the better. This is why monitoring prevents extensive property damage and business interruptions.

Clear Processes

If the fire alarm in your commercial building activates, whose job is it to call in the fire department? When you have an Orlando monitored fire alarm system, you don’t have to wonder. Monitoring allows your building occupants and employees to worry about one thing – keeping themselves safe. When an alarm goes off, the signal goes to the Central Monitoring Station, and the station will notify the appropriate parties. 

Professional Connections

Working with experienced Fire & Life Safety professionals only benefits your property. When you have DynaFire on your side, your fire protection systems are taken care of. Not only do we provide the monitoring system, but we also install, inspect, test, and maintain it too. 

A Good Night’s Sleep

They say you can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep – or at least that’s what the guy at the mattress store told us; and he might be onto something. The peace of mind gained in the knowledge that you have a watchful eye on your commercial property’s fire alarm system at all times is invaluable. 

Call DynaFire Today

With no cabling, trenching, or wiring, we can have your fire alarm monitoring system up and running in no time. Our monitoring solution is compatible with all major fire alarm panels and provides fault-tolerant, end-to-end delivery of alarm signals when you need it. It doesn’t matter if you have one building or one hundred; our system is scalable locally, nationally, and internationally. Contact us today to get started!

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