Sick Of Cellular? We’re The Orlando Fire Alarm Monitoring Company For You

Has your experience with cellular fire alarm monitoring been less of a walk in the park and more of a nightmare you never want to go through again? Allow us to introduce you to DynaNet.

As an Orlando fire alarm monitoring company, the crew at DynaFire knew we couldn’t offer just any fire alarm monitoring solution. If you’ve worked with us, you already know that we don’t settle for second-rate services or products. That’s why we created DynaNet.

DynaNet is a fault-tolerant wireless fire alarm monitoring system that detects, informs, and reacts to emergency situations when seconds count. It’s 100% efficient and scalable regionally, nationally, and internationally. That means wherever your business is going; the DynaFire Family is right there with you. 

3 Reasons You Need DynaNet

DynaNet Stands Up to the Weather

If you’ve lived in Florida for any length of time (or even if you haven’t), you’ve probably heard about some of the weather we get here. It’s great! Three hundred and sixty-five days of sunshine and warm breezes. 

Okay, you’re right – that’s not entirely true. While we are proud Florida locals, we know that we can get some pretty serious weather. The problem with cellular fire alarm monitoring systems is they can’t reliably face the high winds and driving rain that come along with a hurricane and other major storms.

Government records show significant and prolonged cellular outages during Hurricanes Matthew in 2016, Harvey, Irma, and Maria in 2017, and Florence and Michael in 2018. Additionally, reports from the FCC indicate that 70% of cellular sites in Bay and Gulf Counties were still not working a week after Hurricane Michael made landfall. 

Outages like this not only seriously impact the people who rely on cellular to communicate – they affect fire alarm monitoring as well. Traditional fire alarm monitoring utilizes cellular towers to send alerts and information on alarm activations to the Central Monitoring Station, but what happens when those cell towers are damaged by severe weather? That’s why you need us

DynaNet comes with uncompromised reliability. It doesn’t depend on cell towers and cellular service to communicate with the Central Monitoring Station, which means there’s no downtime when you need it most. 

DynaNet is UL-Listed

DynaNet complies with NFPA 72 code, Florida State Fire Prevention Codes, and is UL864 Edition 9 Listed. UL (Underwriters Laboratories) assesses alarm companies for their ability to inspect, install, monitor, and maintain fire alarm systems. This facilitates transparency between property owners, government agencies, code authorities, and insurance companies. 

To become UL Listed, an alarm company must demonstrate exceptional competence and consistent adherence to all relevant codes and standards. To maintain our UL Listing, DynaFire undergoes an annual audit that shows this consistent level of service and compliance. 

This UL certificate is our declaration that our alarm system equipment, installation, maintenance, and service meet, and often exceed, minimum standard requirements. 

DynaNet Comes With the Best Service on the Planet

Here’s the best part. Not only is DynaNet reliable and effective – it comes with top-notch customer service. It’s pretty simple to find a code-compliant Orlando fire alarm monitoring company, but it’s impossible to find another company like DynaFire. Check out this review that Melissa K. left for us:

“Great service, responsive, helpful, professional, great with my tenants, goes the extra mile. And just nice people. I refuse to use any other fire system company in Florida.”

Thanks, Melissa! That’s exactly what we bring to each of our clients and the properties that we provide service for. Want to find out more about the best Orlando fire alarm monitoring company out there? All you have to do is contact DynaFire today.

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