Fire Safety in Crowded Spaces

Large concentrations of people in commercial spaces add an extra layer of complexity to Fire & Life Safety. Working with the right Miami fire sprinkler inspection companies can keep your property safe and compliant. 

Each property and occupancy type comes with its own unique challenges when it comes to fire protection systems. Miami fire sprinkler inspection companies like ours handle sprinkler inspections for a wide variety of commercial properties, from large warehouses or storage facilities that cover thousands of square feet with few occupants, to facilities intended to house large crowds of people, like stadiums, music halls, and other event venues. Here’s how you can keep your property crowd-ready at all times. 

Fire Safety in Crowded Spaces: Safety Steps to Take

Maintain all fire protection systems

While keeping your fire protection systems fully operational may seem like the obvious, it can’t be stated enough: fire sprinklers, fire alarms, and other systems save lives. 

An NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) report found that compared to reported fires in properties with no automatic extinguishing systems (AES), when sprinklers were present, the civilian fire death and injury rates per fire were 89 percent and 27 percent lower, respectively. The rate of firefighter injuries per fire was 60 percent lower.

Working with Miami fire sprinkler inspection companies like us can help you quickly identify and address any potential issues that may keep your systems from operating properly. It’s also required that commercial properties stay compliant with local and state fire code by meeting required testing, inspection,  and maintenance standards. We can help with that too. 

Ensure fire extinguishers are available

Fire extinguishers need to be clearly visible to building occupants, and if they’re not visible, there should be appropriate signage to show where extinguishers are located. A fire extinguisher can prevent a small fire from growing in size, and clear a path to an exit in a larger blaze. 

Keep exits clear

Some of the worst tragedies in crowded buildings occurred because of the availability of exits. Two nightclub fires over the last 20 years sustained increased fatalities because of blocked exits. Building exits need to be clearly marked and comply with Fire & Life Safety code in your area. 

Never store boxes, equipment, or other objects in an egress route. Excess clutter not only creates more fuel for a potential fire, but it creates a blockage or trip hazard for evacuating building occupants. 

DynaFire: Your Fire & Life Safety PartnerMiami Fire Sprinkler Inspection Companies

When you’re looking for Miami fire sprinkler inspection companies, go with the best. We’re here to help you keep your commercial spaces safe through industry-leading fire protection solutions and an unwavering commitment to you, our client. We’re a Full-Service provider, which means we’ll take care of you whether you’re looking for design and installation, maintenance, testing, or everything in between.

Need some extra convincing? Check out this review from Scott T:

“DynaFire provided expert service and repair for Forest Edge Plaza Orlando & Home Depot Plaza Merritt Island… exceptional customer service.  I highly recommend Dynafire to any owner or tenant.”

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“I’ve been working with Dyna Fire for about 6 years now. They are very responsive and provide great customer service. Most recently, I decided to transition all of the properties I manage to them for monitoring and inspection services…”

No matter the size of your commercial property, we have the industry-leading solutions and experienced fire safety professionals for the job. Get in touch today – we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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