6 Workplace Fire Safety Tips To Bring Into The New Year

Has your office become a little lax in fire safety over the last few months? A new year is the perfect time to brush up on your workplace fire safety best practices and we’re here with some tips.

In 2022, the top three New Year’s resolutions were to exercise more, eat healthier, and lose weight. And, after the holiday slide that starts with Halloween candy, then moves to Thanksgiving dressing, Christmas cookies, and finally, to New Year’s Eve champagne, it makes sense that you’d want to turn the page on a new year with a new healthier outlook. A new year gives us time to reflect on our past and plan for our future. 

At DynaFire, it should come as no surprise that our past, present, and future is Fire & Life Safety, so we have compiled a list of workplace fire safety tips that you can share with your staff to stay safe in 2023 and beyond.

Minimize Fire Hazards

There never seems to be an electrical outlet where you need one, and when you do find one, all of the plugs are usually taken. Overloaded outlets and daisy-chained extension cords are major fire hazards. 

Your employees need to be trained to report any fire hazard they see immediately. Whether it’s a frayed cord or flammable materials improperly stored, if everyone is paying attention, fire hazards can be minimized.

Keep An Eye On Fire-Prone Areas

Some areas of the office are more susceptible to fires than others. The breakroom, for example, can be a hotspot with everyone heating up various concoctions in the overused microwave. If Mark from accounting is too busy scrolling TikTok to remember to take his spoon out of his cup o’ noodles, you could have a fire emergency on your hands. Workplace fire safety

Fire extinguishers are important fixtures for workplace fire safety and they are especially important in the breakroom and other places where fires are more likely to occur. And don’t forget to turn off the coffee pot – the office coffee already tastes burned enough.

Make Sure Exits Are Clearly Marked And Clear

All emergency exits should be kept clear at all times. Emergency exit signs and diagrams should be posted so that everyone knows where to go if they need to get out in a hurry. And just like the lights on the floor of an airplane lead to the exit rows, your office’s exits should be well-lit and unobstructed.

Maintain Fire Alarms And Fire Extinguishers

The National Fire Protection Association recommends that smoke alarm batteries be tested every month. If you stay on a regular testing schedule, you can replace dead batteries or address other issues before the incessant beeping starts.

Workplace fire safetyThere are also rules for how many fire extinguishers your office needs and how often they need to be inspected. Did you know that some fire extinguishers can be recharged? If your fire extinguishers are rechargeable, we can handle that at DynaFire – along with all of your other fire extinguisher needs.

Have An Evacuation Plan And Practice It

It’s great to have an evacuation plan posted throughout your office but, if you don’t practice it, it’s as useless as the G in lasagna. Although OSHA does not require that evacuation drills be conducted at any particular frequency, it is recommended that they be part of your emergency plan. 

Practicing your emergency evacuation routes every few months can give you peace of mind knowing that your employees are prepared should they ever need to evacuate.

Partner with DynaFire For All Of Your Fire & Life Safety Needs

The best workplace fire safety tip we have for you is to partner with a company that puts Fire & Life Safety at the top of its resolution list every year. At DynaFire, we can evaluate your current fire alarm system, design and install a new system for you, and help you with anything else that will keep your company and your employees safe in an emergency.

Contact us today for more information and join us in making Fire & Life Safety your New Year’s resolution!

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