5 Signs You Found The Right Daytona Fire Monitoring Company

When seconds count, you need to know that you’ve hired the right Daytona fire monitoring company for your business. Here’s how to do it.

Did you know that fire alarms have been around since the mid-17th century? That definitely makes them older than the mystery takeout in the back of your fridge by at least a few centuries. Back then, individuals would walk around cities, ringing a bell to alert the neighborhood if they saw a fire. Then they would fill buckets with water and extinguish the fire. Even from the start, people were what made the difference in fire safety.

Our team is Fire & Life Safety obsessed, and although we don’t use bells and buckets, we’re dedicated to keeping you and your business safe. When you’re looking to hire a Daytona fire monitoring company, we recommend that you examine these five factors so you’ll know you’re making the right choice.

1. All The Certifications

You can feel confident that our team of technicians has every certification needed to provide your fire alarm monitoring solution to the highest standards. Our NICET-certified technicians will install your fire system safely, on time, and on budget. Our DynaNet system has been rigorously tested and meets all UL and NFPA requirements (more on that below). 

When you hire a Daytona fire monitoring company for your Fire & Life Safety needs, check to be sure they are fully licensed and certified to do the work.

2. Customer-Centered Core Values

When DynaFire was formed, we knew then that our clients needed the most trustworthy service we could offer. As our business has grown, we’ve never lost sight of the reason we do what we do. It’s you. 

If you find a Daytona fire monitoring company that offers transparent communication with its clients, has a passion for excellence, and whose employees take responsibility for the job they do, sign them up. (By the way, you’ll find all of these Core Values and more outlined on our website.)

3. Cutting-Edge Innovation

Technology eventually allowed fire monitors to put down their bells and buckets. TBH, the townspeople were probably grateful. As time marched on, phone lines were run, and it made sense to use this POTS system (plain old telephone system) to send fire monitoring communications. 

But who uses telephone lines anymore? Maybe your grandmother still has her avocado-green wall phone with the 18-foot cord, but the majority of the U.S. has moved communications to the wireless network

We were way ahead of this transition when we invented our DynaNet infrastructure. Seeing that POTS was on the way out, we invented a system that uses wireless technology to communicate fire alarm signals. You can read more about DynaNet on our website but we’ll just leave this here: 

DynaNet has proven to be 100% efficient as the most reliable and quickest wireless monitoring response available.

That pretty much says it all, right?

4. Stellar ReputationDaytona fire monitoring company

At DynaFire, we treat each and every job as if we will be judged on it …because we will be. We want our clients to be able to write a rave review for our testimonials page or our Google reviews page. We are proud of the reputation we’ve built over the last couple of decades and we will go above and beyond to keep it. 

If you’re unable to find satisfied customers who sing the praises of the Daytona fire monitoring company you’re researching, move on – to DynaFire.

5. You’ve Hired DynaFire

If you’ve hired us, that’s the ultimate way to know that you’ve chosen the right Daytona fire monitoring company to handle the safety of your business. We check all of the boxes. We are completely qualified, we put clients first, we never stop innovating, and our clients love us. What more do you need to know?

When you’re looking for a new Daytona fire monitoring company to install or monitor your system, contact us. It’s the best choice you’ll make today, guaranteed.

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