Deerfield Beach Commercial Fire Extinguisher Regulations: A Beginner’s Guide

When you own or operate a commercial property, you need a Deerfield Beach commercial fire extinguisher company on your side.

If your knowledge of fire extinguishers starts at being able to recognize one and then stops there, we made this guide for you. It’s a quick read on some of the basic categories of Deerfield Beach commercial fire extinguisher regulations, and who knows, you might learn something that you can use to impress your next date. If they’re into that sort of thing.

Fire Extinguishers Are Required In Commercial Properties

OSHA regulations and NFPA codes require fire extinguishers to be present in many commercial properties. Not only do you need them to meet these requirements and protect your property and its occupants, but fire extinguishers have financial benefits as well. For example:

  • A study conducted by NAFED (National Association of Fire Extinguisher Distributors) found that out of over 13,000 reported incidents, extinguishers successfully extinguished 95% of the fires.
  • An EnGuage analysis estimates that fire extinguishers provide an average annual cost savings of over $4 billion by extinguishing fires before they cause excessive property damage.

Fire Extinguisher Placement

One of the reasons fire extinguishers are so effective is because they are easily accessible in an emergency. Deerfield Beach commercial fire extinguishers need to be placed where they are highly visible and easy to reach. This may include meeting rooms, along hallways, in kitchens, and other common areas. If you can’t see the fire extinguisher, it needs to have visual aids that indicate where it’s located. 

You should also ensure that the instruction label on your fire extinguisher is facing outwards. 

Additionally, there are height requirements for fire extinguisher installations that are outlined by the NFPA. If this is all sounding a little overwhelming, we’ll let you in on a secret. A team of skilled Fire & Life Safety professionals is just a phone call away, and we’re ready to make all of your Deerfield Beach commercial fire extinguisher dreams come true. 

Fire Extinguisher TypeDeerfield Beach Commercial Fire Extinguisher

The kind of fire extinguishers that are selected for your property is dependent on two things: the structure of your building and what’s inside it. Not all fires are the same. A grease fire in a commercial kitchen will burn differently than the fire in your office trash can that started when Jan threw away those birthday candles too soon. 

Fire Extinguisher Travel Distance

No, we’re not sending your fire extinguisher to the Bahamas. There are specific maximum travel distances between the fire extinguishers on your property. These distances are determined by your building occupancy type, the hazards present, and the type of fire extinguishers in use. The specific distances are calculated using the total square footage of your property.

Selecting And Placing Deerfield Beach Commercial Fire Extinguishers

Protecting your building from fires is best left to the professionals, and there’s no one better than the crew at DynaFire. You need to focus on your core business objectives and operations at your commercial property, and you probably don’t have the time to personally handle your property’s compliance with fire code. Let us take care of that for you. 

Contact DynaFire today to discuss the Fire & Life Safety services you need!

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