Orlando Fire Alarm Monitoring Services: Our Wireless Solution

If you’re exploring your options for Orlando fire alarm monitoring services, your search ends here. Let us tell you a little bit about DynaNet.

Did you know that nearly one-third of the fires that ignite on commercial properties do so between the hours of 7PM and 7AM? Not only are these fires occurring when buildings are typically empty, but they also cause 67% of the annual property damage created by fires. Round-the-clock monitoring gives your building full protection and ensures that emergency situations like this are being responded to, even if no one is around. 

Our Orlando fire alarm monitoring services function through DynaNet, the industry-leading solution for alarm monitoring that we developed for our clients.

What To Expect From Your DynaNet Installation

When you choose DynaFire for your Orlando fire alarm monitoring services, we’ll send one of our highly-skilled technicians to your property to install our mesh radio system. Because DynaNet has no cables, trenches, or wiring, your installation will be over in record time. This means decreased interference with your core business operations and less time spent waiting for your fire monitoring system to be up and running. 

Once the installation is complete, your property receives, transmits, and repeats radio signals on DynaNet’s radiofrequency. As more users are added to this network, the routes that alarm signals travel down are constantly reconfigured in real-time, ensuring that the signals are transmitted using the quickest and most efficient route possible.

What Happens When A Fire Alarm Activates?

When you have fire alarm monitoring at your commercial property and a fire alarm is activated, alerts are immediately sent to the Central Monitoring Station. With DynaNet, our system will continue to resend signals until they are acknowledged by the Monitoring Station. Not only does this ensure that the signals are received, it drastically reduces the response time of the fire department and other first responders. 

What Systems Does DynaNet Monitor?Orlando Fire Alarm Monitoring Services

Our DynaNet solution seamlessly monitors:

  • Fire alarm systems
  • Security systems
  • Generators
  • Lift stations

DynaNet Vs. Cellular

Since DynaNet operates on its own frequency and doesn’t rely on cellular, nothing is getting in the way of your alarm signals in an emergency situation. You see, if your system uses cellular to communicate alarm activations, it has to share these networks with everyone else with a cell phone. 

That means that during large events that draw thousands of people to the same area (think sporting events, festivals, or concerts), the cellular networks can become overloaded. Since cellular can’t tell the difference between your alarm signals and everything else on their network, your alarm signal can get lost in the shuffle. 

DynaNet will also never become obsolete, is resistant to damage from natural disasters, and is faster than the other options out there. 

Get Our Orlando Fire Alarm Monitoring Services Today

As a full-service Fire & Life Safety organization, DynaFire provides the best in fire protection solutions to our clients in the state of Florida. Our clients aren’t afraid to share the great experiences they have with us either, just look at this review that Melissa K. left:

“DynaFire handles all of my properties and are consistently awesome. They interact with tenants in a professional and helpful manner, and they know what they are talking about.”

If there’s something we always aim to be, it’s ‘consistently awesome,’ thank you, Melissa!

Let us bring these same results to your property. Contact us today to learn more about the solutions we have to offer.

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