Coconut Creek Fire Alarm Monitoring Company: The DynaNet Difference

DynaFire is your Coconut Creek fire alarm monitoring company. Our systems are infinitely scalable and will never become obsolete, unlike some other options out there.

Do 3G sunsets have you searching for a new Coconut Creek fire alarm monitoring company? We’re about to make your day. DynaNet, DynaFire’s wireless fire alarm monitoring system is faster and more reliable than the other systems available today. 

As mobile network operators gradually shut down the cellular infrastructure needed to support their 3G networks, now is the best time to make the switch to a system (and a company) that will never leave you high and dry or forced to make upgrades on their schedule. Don’t only take our word for it though, look at this review that was left for us by one of our clients:

“Our church recently switched to DynaFire for monitoring, fire alarm and sprinkler services. We have been very pleased with the professionalism, courtesy, promptness, and expertise of everyone in their company. We receive the same level of service from sales, monitoring, accounting, and service departments.  We are very pleased with the level of care we are receiving.”

There’s a reason that our clients love the fire monitoring solution that we provide, and we’ll tell you all about it here. 

Why We Made DynaNet

As a Coconut Creek fire alarm monitoring company, DynaFire is committed to providing only the best equipment and services to our clients. Alarm monitoring technology used to rely on phone lines to maintain communication, but as technology advanced, we saw that there were no monitoring options available that could meet our standards. And that’s why we designed our own.

What Is DynaNet?

DynaNet is a wireless mesh network that provides end-to-end and fault-tolerant delivery of alarm signals for fire and security systems. It meetsCoconut Creek Fire Alarm Monitoring Company all UL and NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) requirements, as well as state and local codes. DynaNet requires absolutely no cabling, trenching, or digging – which makes the installation process as minimal and cost-effective as possible. 

Will DynaNet Become Obsolete?

If your property is facing the upcoming 3G sunsets and the elimination of the technology that your current fire alarm monitoring system relies on, DynaNet is the perfect solution. Unlike AMPs, VoIP, GSM, and traditional phone lines, our system will never become obsolete and won’t force you to make a decision between making costly upgrades or losing service.

Will I Need To Overhaul My Current System?

As you transition from your current system to DynaNet, one of the greatest advantages is that our system works with any manufacturers’ fire alarm control panel. There is no need to buy a system designed for DynaNet.

Now Is The Time To Choose DynaFire As Your Coconut Creek Fire Alarm Monitoring Company

Don’t wait until your existing system that relies on 3G services is shut down. Losing your fire alarm monitoring capabilities would mean that your commercial property would be stuck on a 24-hour fire watch – and with demand for equipment and shipping backups, that could potentially last for months. 

Make the switch today, and let DynaFire help you seamlessly transition onto our service. Contact us to schedule your consultation!

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