Why Don’t You Have Jacksonville Fire Alarm Monitoring Services Yet?

Jacksonville fire alarm monitoring services are a critical part of any Fire & Life Safety plan. Here’s why you’re going to need to get on board with us ASAP.


If you’ve ever tried something new and wondered why you didn’t do it sooner (ranch on pizza? Life-changing), well… our Jacksonville fire alarm monitoring services are like that. DynaNet, DynaFire’s custom-designed alarm monitoring system, is 100% efficient – which really matters in moments of crisis, when seconds count. We totally understand if you don’t want to wait until you finish reading this blog to contact us for more information, so feel free to stop right now and get in touch!


DynaNet: We Custom-Designed It Ourselves

As technology advances at a blinding pace, we believe that the Fire & Life Safety solutions available need to keep up. That’s why we designed DynaNet, which requires no cabling, trenching, or monthly phone line service. This means that you save money on initial installation and startup costs, and in the long run as well.


Previous technology could take up to 45 seconds to transmit alarm signals from the point of alarm activation to a monitoring station, but the signals on DynaNet’s frequency reach our Central Monitoring Station in just 1 to 3 seconds.


Why Choose DynaNet?

Besides the fact that you’ll be part of the world’s coolest club, DynaNet saves lives and keeps your business secure. When alarm signals are received by our Central Monitoring Station, the proper authorities are notified and first responders can reach your property faster. 


 Fire Alarm Monitoring Services: NFPA Requirements

When it comes to Fire & Life Safety, we adhere to the highest standards. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and most buildingJacksonville Fire Alarm Monitoring Services codes require that commercial buildings of certain occupancy types be equipped to notify the municipal fire department automatically should an alarm be activated. Not only is DynaNet universally compliant, it comes with other benefits, including:

  • Dual monitoring capabilities
  • Alarm signal communication along 8 paths instead of 2 paths like phone lines
  • Never obsolete – unlike VoIP, AMPs, GSM, or traditional phone lines


Jacksonville Fire Alarm Monitoring Services: But Take Them Anywhere

DynaFire provides Jacksonville fire alarm monitoring services, but that doesn’t mean we’re limited to one place. Our licensed technicians can install our Fire & Life Safety systems on any commercial property in the state of Florida. 


Since DynaNet is fully wireless and infinitely scalable, it’s the perfect alarm monitoring solution for companies that have regional, national, or international properties. 


You Need DynaNet

In case you didn’t notice, we’re pretty confident our Jacksonville fire alarm monitoring services are the best you’ll find. We could talk about them all day, but you’ve already missed out on entire minutes of your life without DynaNet by reading this blog. So don’t wait – contact us today and join our ever-growing list of satisfied clients on the DynaNet network.

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