Let Us Handle Your Jacksonville Fire Extinguisher Disposal

Fire extinguishers are an important part of your commercial property’s fire protection strategy, but even these tools have a lifespan. When you need Jacksonville fire extinguisher disposal, think DynaFire. 

What’s your Jacksonville fire extinguisher disposal plan? Don’t have one? We can help with that. Not all fire extinguishers are the same, so it’s important to have the input of a Fire & Life Safety professional when determining what to do with yours. 

How Long Do Fire Extinguishers Last?

A disposable fire extinguisher (which can’t be refilled or recharged) has a maximum lifespan of 12 years. But as long as you’re keeping up with maintenance and inspections, regular fire extinguishers can last much longer. Regular maintenance includes:

  • Monthly visual inspections
  • Annual maintenance 
  • 6-year maintenance
  • 5 &12-year hydrostatic testing

As a full-service fire protection service company, DynaFire can take care of all of your fire extinguisher maintenance needs. 

Can  You Throw A Fire Extinguisher Away in the Trash?

No, fire extinguishers don’t belong in the wastebasket next to those banana peels and old carryout menus. Fire extinguishers contain pressurized chemicals when they’re full, which can cause harm to others if not handled properly. We recommend leaving fire extinguisher disposal to someone who knows extinguishers inside and out (literally), like the crew at DynaFire

Signs You Need Jacksonville Fire Extinguisher Disposal

Not all the signs that it’s time to retire your fire extinguisher are obvious, and we examine every inch of your extinguisher during service appointments to ensure that nothing is missed. Here are a few of the things that we look for that may indicate that your extinguisher needs to be disposed of and replaced:

  • Failed hydrostatic pressure tests
  • Cracked or clogged hoses and nozzles
  • Loss of pressure not related to use
  • Damage to the outer shell
  • Corrosion or rust
  • Missing inspection records

When you schedule regular inspections and maintenance, issues like this can be quickly identified and addressed. This provides you with maximum assurance that the extinguishers on your commercial property are ready to keep building occupants safe. 

Why You Need DynaFire For All of Your Fire Extinguisher Needs

When it comes to Fire & Life Safety, we don’t mess around. All of our solutions are designed to ensure the highest level of protection, and our customer service is second to none. We follow NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) guidelines when servicing your fire extinguishers, and comply with NFPA 10 standards as well as state and local fire code. 

In this review, David C. shares why he’s using DynaFire for fire extinguisher services and all of his fire protection needs:

“They are absolutely the best-priced extinguisher inspection company out there and they charge exactly what they agree to on the proposal they send to you. I will definitely use them again next year or in the meantime on anything thing they offer that my business may use.”

If you need Jacksonville fire extinguisher disposal or any of our other Fire &  Life Safety solutions, contact us today.

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