Keep Your Workplace Safe: Tips From A Sanford Fire Extinguisher Inspection Company

When you’re looking for advice on workplace fire safety, you need insider knowledge from a Sanford fire extinguisher inspection company like DynaFire. 

You’ve heard of a meeting that could have been an email, but could it have been a blog post instead? We put our heads together and collected some need-to-know information to keep your workplace safer from the risk of fire. 

Workplace Fire Safety Tips From A Sanford Fire Extinguisher Inspection Company

There were over 18,000 office and store fires in the United States in 2019 alone, and these incidents caused $744 million in direct property damage. Having the right Fire & Life Safety strategy in place and staying in compliance with fire codes can protect many commercial buildings from fire, but there are actions that employers and employees can take to further reduce the risk of fire. 

Fire Safety In The Break Room

Many commercial businesses are equipped with small kitchenettes or even full kitchens, and while these spaces are the perfect place to reheat your leftovers, they are also the leading source of workplace fires. Keep your lunchroom safe by ensuring that all appliances that generate heat (like a toaster, oven, or coffeemaker) are kept away from materials that could overheat or catch fire. 

Work with a Sanford fire extinguisher inspection company to keep fire extinguishers accessible and operational, and make sure that all of your employees know how to use them.

Fire Safety In The Office

Damaged or aging electronics in the office can create fire hazards. You should always check that cords are in good condition and not cracked or frayed and that your electronics are clean and have good air circulation. 

Use caution when plugging electronics into power strips – make sure they are not overloaded. We know it’s tempting to bring your portable popcorn machine to your cubicle, but give your power strip (and your coworkers) a break and leave it at home. Plug space heaters, portable air conditioning units, and other energy-heavy appliances directly into grounded (three-prong) outlets, not power strips or extension cords. 

Plan and Practice

Have a plan in place should a fire break out in your workplace. Any evacuation should include multiple routes to an exit, taking into account potential blockages in an emergency situation. Have a designated space, away from any buildings, where employees should assemble after evacuating. 

Keep workspaces clean and organized, and walkways clear. Ensure that windows can be opened and the screens can be removed.

Partner With DynaFire

A Sanford fire extinguisher inspection company like DynaFire can keep the extinguishers on your commercial property in working order and available for emergency use. We can also work with you to keep your sprinkler system, fire alarm system, and other fire protection systems operational and code compliant. 

Fires in the workplace can not only harm employees and cause property damage, but it can also affect the entire community. Fire damage can lead to layoffs or loss of livelihood for your employees, and your local community could lose out on the services that your business provides. Contact us today to discuss your workplace fire protection strategy.

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