Hotel Fire Safety: Our Strategy As A Daytona Fire Protection Company

Your hotel is in the business of keeping your guests safe and comfortable. Number one on your list should be fire safety. Here’s how our Daytona fire protection company can help.

Hotel guests spend their days sightseeing, sampling the local culinary fare, and swimming without a care in the world. And when they lay their weary heads down at night, they want to know they are safe in case of a fire. Meanwhile, when we lay our heads down at night we’re dreaming of Fire & Life Safety. That’s why we’re the Daytona fire protection company you want handling the safety of your hotel and your guests. Here’s what you need to know.

Hotels Are Built Differently Than Homes

In your home, when a smoke detector goes off, it is loud, and everyone can hear it. Your family knows to exit the home immediately. But your home is a relatively small building when compared to a hotel, and it could just be two or three stories. 

Now think about a hotel. Thousands of square feet and potentially dozens of floors. When a fire is detected, it’s vital that everyone is informed right away. It’s also crucial to their safety that first responders can talk to each other to put the fire out and make sure all the guests have gotten out as well. This is why many hotels need a BDA system.

What’s a BDA System?Daytona fire protection company

So glad you asked. A BDA is a bi-directional amplifier that facilitates emergency radio communication over large distances. It also takes into consideration that hotels are made from concrete and metal – substances that are tough for radio signals to travel through. Your building needs a BDA if:

  • It is identified and inspected under local ordinances or requires public safety permits
  • It is new construction or a renovation, and BDA installation is required for permits
  • First responders, maintenance, and security personnel need to maintain constant two-way communication

Many hotels fall into these categories. And here’s how DynaFire can help you set up your hotel’s BDA system as your Daytona fire protection company:


The first step is determining what BDA design you need. Every structure is different, and we are able to customize your system to meet your needs. Our team is FCC and GROL certified (that’s Federal Communications Commission and General Radiotelephone Operator License for the acronym-challenged), so we know the best ways to design your system for ultimate safety.


After evaluation and design, we will install your BDA equipment and fully test its functionality. Note that all of our designs comply with government mandates and  are code compliant.


After your system is installed and tested, we won’t just say “good luck” and leave you to fend for yourself. DynaFire is a full-service organization offering maintenance, testing, and inspection services to ensure your BDA system keeps running smoothly. We want our customers and emergency personnel to know that if an emergency happens, they’ll be able to communicate without issue.

Why Choose DynaFire as your Daytona Fire Protection Company?

We are your go-to for all things fire safety. After we design and install your BDA system, we can design and install your custom fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems as well. Then our DynaNet team can monitor your system 24/7 to keep your property safe. 

Our customers love us and we think you will too. Here’s an incredible review from Don Owen at Tri-City Electrical Contractors.

“I speak on behalf of the Tri-City Team on the Dr Phillips Performing Arts Project and take this opportunity to commend as well as thank you for the service, performance, and dedication DynaFire put forth in building this project. For the nearly three year duration, DynaFire consistently demonstrated their superior knowledge and capabilities in the industry. I personally appreciate the personal attention you put on the project during final inspection stages that proved critical to receiving a Certificate of Occupancy. I look Forward to having DynaFire as a team member in the near future.”

Thanks, Don. That was a fun and challenging project!

When you need a Daytona fire protection company to install or upgrade your hotel’s fire safety system, contact us. We look forward to helping you with all of your Fire & Life Safety needs.

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