A Breakdown of Our Fire & Life Safety Solutions

We talk a lot about our Fire & Life Safety solutions (it’s our favorite topic!), and we want to remind you (again) of all we have to offer your business in the realm of Orlando fire protection service. Enjoy!

Managing a business comes with many responsibilities – from day-to-day operations to strategic planning – so handing off duties every chance you get is helpful. When it comes to protecting your building and your employees in case of emergency, you likely don’t know the first thing about fire protection. That’s okay! The only thing you need to know is hiring a professional Orlando fire protection service like ours lets you get back to running your business – safely.

We are a full-service Fire & Life Safety company, so we can provide a wide range of fire protection services to meet the needs of your business, regardless of size, number of employees, or materials housed within your facilities. If we listed everything we offer here, this blog would take your entire lunch break to read, so we’ll hit the high points and let you discover the rest in other blogs and on our website.

Fire Alarm Systems

When your building is outfitted with a robust fire alarm system from a professional fire safety company, you can be confident that you’re protected. When we start to work with a business, our Orlando fire protection service technicians fully evaluate your property and then design a unique system to protect your business correctly. As part of your fire alarm system, we can provide the following:

  • Aspirating Smoke Detection
  • Emergency Communications Systems
  • Mass Notification Systems
  • Notifier Engineered Systems Distributor
  • Complete Line of Notification Devices
  • Full Line of Detectors, Monitors & Control Devices
  • Toxic & Combustible Gas Detection Systems
  • UL Runner Service
  • Video Smoke & Flame Detection
  • And more

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Where there’s smoke, typically, there’s fire, and you need a professionally installed fire sprinkler system to extinguish it. Our team of technicians will design a fire sprinkler system that works with your building and your assets. Did you know that there are different types of fire sprinkler systems? It’s true. And we can help you determine the best system for your business.

Wet fire sprinkler systems always have water in the pipes and can immediately dispense water over a large area. These are the most common and cost-effective fire sprinkler systems.

Dry fire sprinkler systems also use water, but the water doesn’t flow into the pipes until a fire has been detected. Dry systems benefit facilities that are not temperature-controlled since water is not present in the pipes. This prevents water from freezing in the pipes and damaging the system. 

Pre-action fire sprinkler systems are notably more intricate than wet and dry systems. If a pre-action system suits your building’s needs, we’re equipped to install it for you.

Deluge fire sprinkler systems dispense water from every sprinkler head simultaneously instead of from individually activated sprinkler heads.

Whatever your fire sprinkler needs are, DynaFire can handle the design, installation, and maintenance to protect your building.

Bi-Directional Amplifier Solutions (BDA)Orlando Fire Protection service

Your building needs a BDA system if it is large (vertically or horizontally), has substantial amounts of concrete or glass, or has underground structures. Why? When first responders arrive at a fire or other emergency, they communicate with two-way radios. Those signals are stopped by all that concrete, glass, and space. A BDA system places amplifiers throughout your building, campus, or property to help the two-way radio signals get from one radio to the next. A few examples of businesses that need a BDA include:

  • Airport Terminals
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Convention Centers
  • Government Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Parking Garages
  • Retail Shopping Malls
  • Schools and Campuses
  • Shipping Ports
  • Stadiums and Arenas
  • And more

A radio frequency survey will assess the need for a BDA system within a building. This survey is typically performed by a certified FCC GROL technician, often in collaboration with fire department radio personnel. The results are then submitted to the Authority Having Jurisdiction, which will decide whether a BDA solution is necessary. DynaFire’s team of BDA technicians can initiate this survey and install your BDA if needed.


What good is a fire alarm if the system for notifying the fire department is painfully slow? When we saw how long it took for alarm signals to reach their destination over cellular phone lines, we knew there had to be a better way. Technology and innovation created DynaNet. Our proprietary monitoring system uses a wireless network to transmit signals to first responders faster and more reliably than old-school cell towers would allow.

DynaNet installation is remarkably fast because there’s no need for digging, trenching, or cabling. Your receiver acts as a transmitter that takes emergency signals to our Central Alarm Monitoring Station. Each new receiver makes the signal route more efficient, enabling real-time alerts to the appropriate authorities to mitigate the impact of emergencies.

DynaFire’s Orlando Fire Protection Service Can Do It All!

These are just a few Fire & Life Safety solutions we have been providing to Florida businesses for decades. If you still have time during your lunch break, check out our website to see the full suite of services and products we offer. When you’re ready to hire a professional fire safety company to protect your business assets, DynaFire is ready. Contact us today for more information.

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