Noisy Alarm Panels and Disgruntled Tenants? Not With DynaFire As Your Orlando Fire Alarm Contractors

Your tenants really love their peace and quiet. By bringing in our Orlando fire alarm contractors, you’ll keep those alarm panels hushed and your tenants happily snoozing, without any unnecessary noise.

Fire & Life Safety is essential in any commercial building, but in a multi-unit residential facility, lives must be protected 24/7. Every resident wants the fire alarm to make a lot of noise when it’s supposed to and be quiet as a mouse when it’s all clear. A recent report of false alarms requiring fire department response showed that over 30% of these noisy nuisances resulted from malfunctioning fire alarm equipment. 

When you partner with DynaFire as your Orlando fire alarm contractors, your tenants will be protected without having to scurry outside in their bathrobes for an unnecessary midnight fire drill. 

How Do You Find The Right Fire Alarm Contractor?

How do you find anything these days? Go to Google! If you search for “Orlando hotel fire alarm system,” for example, you’ll get pages and pages of results. (You’ll also see us right at the top!) Hotels, like apartment and condo buildings, house dozens, if not hundreds, of people who do not want to be disturbed by false fire alarms.

When narrowing down your search, check out the company’s website to see if they feature any testimonials from satisfied customers. Our testimonial page features highlights of all the reviews that our clients send in. Mike S. from a local electrical contractor company has worked with our DynaFire team on multiple projects. He has this to say about the relationship: 

“I would like to recommend DynaFire for any project involving Fire Alarm, Fire Alarm Monitoring, Security, Access Control, and CCTV. Sinns and Thomas Electrical Contractors, Inc. has worked on numerous successful projects with DynaFire throughout the state of Florida without any problems and highly recommend them.”

Also, ask your colleagues, business owners, and apartment managers in your area what company they use as their Orlando fire alarm contractors. We bet they’ll say DynaFire!

Does The Fire Alarm Contractor Have Residential Building Experience?Orlando fire alarm contractors

Ensuring your fire alarm contractor has experience with apartment buildings should be a no-brainer, but ask anyway. Some fire alarm companies only work with commercial businesses and have little experience with residential buildings. And while the fire alarm and fire suppression systems are the same for both types of structures, working with a multi-unit residential building requires special skill. 

Commercial buildings must have smoke detectors at regular intervals based on distance. On the other hand, residential buildings must have smoke detectors in each bedroom, outside each bedroom, and one on each level of the building, at a minimum. As you can imagine, designing a fire alarm system for an apartment building can be quite complex. Scroll through our project portfolio to see the apartment buildings and condominiums we work with.

Can The Fire Alarm Contractor Properly (and Quietly) Service and Maintain The Equipment?

Fire alarm systems must be inspected and tested regularly to ensure they function correctly. In the case of apartment buildings, however, a unique challenge arises – the need to conduct these essential tests without disrupting tenants’ daily lives. Unlike commercial buildings, where testing can be scheduled after business hours, apartment buildings require a more delicate approach. 

Testing and inspections must be carried out in a quieter and less intrusive manner to avoid unnecessary disturbances for the residents. This consideration highlights the importance of coordination between fire alarm contractors and property managers to balance safety and tenant comfort.

Another issue that plagues multi-unit residents is the incessant beeping that can come from fire alarm panels. Why do they beep? Beeping indicates there’s a problem and, until the problem gets fixed, the beeping continues. Panels can beep to indicate a disconnected wire, power failure, dust on the unit, or another issue. Proper maintenance can keep these fire alarm panels from beeping and annoying your residents.

Your Tenants Will Love Our Orlando Fire Alarm Contractors

Staying safe without the disruption of false alarms and the annoyance of all-hours fire drills is what DynaFire does best. We do our job effectively, efficiently, and quietly so you’ll never know we are there – except when you spot our stylish trucks in your parking lot. Contact our team today to see how we can serve you and your tenants with all your Fire & Life Safety needs.

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