Fire Sprinkler System Design and Installation for Industrial Buildings

From manufacturing plants to power plants, when your industrial building needs fire protection, turn to the Miami fire sprinkler service company with a warehouse of knowledge on the subject.

Protecting your commercial property is an essential part of your business plan. And if your property includes an industrial building, you should recognize that its size means you’ll need unique methods to safeguard your assets and employees effectively. 

The best way to ensure that your business is adequately protected is to partner with a Miami fire sprinkler service company that has experience designing and installing fire sprinkler systems in large-scale industrial buildings. Like us!

How Are Industrial Buildings’ Needs Different?

Fire sprinkler systems are all designed to extinguish fires. From your home to your office to a distribution center, as the scale of the project grows, the fire sprinkler system design specifications change. 

The main differences between a small-scale fire sprinkler system and a large-scale fire sprinkler system are the amount of fire suppressant discharged and the type of suppression system used. Large commercial buildings may also need a fire pump to sufficiently dispense the water in case of a fire. 

Fire pumps become necessary when the municipal water supply system cannot deliver sufficient pressure to fulfill the requirements of a building’s sprinkler system, particularly in tall structures like high-rise buildings or large warehouse facilities.

Types Of Fire Sprinkler Systems

There are five types of fire sprinkler systems that our Miami fire sprinkler service company designs and installs: wet, dry, pre-action, deluge, and foam. Let’s take a closer look at each of these systems and what types of buildings they are best suited for.

Wet Pipe System – The pipes in a wet system are constantly filled with water that can be released immediately. It’s most suited for structures that require immediate fire suppression, such as office buildings, hotels, residential complexes, and potentially industrial buildings, depending on the type of materials housed within. Wet sprinkler systems are highly effective when used in tandem with a fire pump.

Dry Pipe System – The pipes in a dry system are not filled with water, hence the name, and they use gas to extinguish a fire. These systems are ideal for buildings without climate control, or those kept cold on purpose because the water in a wet pipe system could freeze. A dry pipe system is a good option for industrial buildings housing products that would sustain extensive damage if doused with water (like data centers, power plants, refineries, and chemical plants).

Pre-Action System – A pre-action system requires two steps to activate: detecting smoke or heat and operating a sprinkler head. This system is particularly suited for environments where accidental activation could be costly. A pre-action system could be a good option for an industrial building since it could activate in one area without dousing the entire building if it’s not necessary.

Deluge System – As its name suggests, this high-volume, rapid-response system best suits industrial buildings with highly flammable materials, such as chemical plants, oil refineries, and aircraft hangars. Its ability to quickly provide a significant volume of water is crucial in controlling and extinguishing large fires in high-risk environments. When used with a fire pump, a deluge system would be highly effective in extinguishing a fire quickly.

Foam – A foam fire sprinkler system uses foam instead of water to suppress fires involving flammable liquids or chemicals. It is most suitable for buildings such as petrochemical facilities and chemical processing plants where the risk of fires involving flammable liquids or gases is high. The foam effectively blankets and suppresses these volatile fires, preventing their spread and reducing the risk of catastrophic damage.

Which Fire Sprinkler System Will Work Best For You? DynaFire Can HelpMiami fire sprinkler service company

Our fire sprinkler team will thoroughly evaluate your facility and create a unique fire sprinkler and fire pump system for your business needs. The type of sprinkler system that will work best for your industrial building will depend on its size and configuration, as well as the type of materials, products, and other high-value assets contained within. High-rack storage configurations will require a different design than an open space. We will consider all these factors when designing your sprinkler and fire pump system to ensure that your building is protected in case of fire.

Once we have finalized your design, our NICET-certified technicians will install and test your system, meeting all applicable codes. We know that correct installation is essential to prevent future issues and when you choose DynaFire to install your fire sprinkler system, you’re getting a team that’s well-versed in Fire & Life Safety equipment. Let our Miami fire sprinkler service company be your trusted partner throughout the process. Contact us today to get started.

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