4 Types Of Fire Sprinkler Systems

Do you know which type of fire sprinkler system your building needs? Here are the 4 types and why you can trust us to help determine which system is best suited for your property. 

Fire sprinkler systems are designed to help keep property and people safe in the event of a fire. According to the NFPA, sprinklers were effective in controlling the fire in 96% of the fires in which they operated. That’s why having a well-maintained fire sprinkler system in your commercial building is not only mandatory but increases the chances of saving both property and lives. 

Whichever type of fire sprinkler system your building needs, our Fire & Life Safety team at DynaFire can handle it. Here are 4 types of fire sprinkler systems we’re well versed in.  

Fire Sprinkler System Option #1: Wet Systems

A wet system is best suited for environments that maintain a consistent temperature over 40 degrees Fahrenheit and are not ideal for protecting sensitive equipment. These are the most commonly recommended commercial fire sprinkler systems and they are attached to a piping system that constantly fills water from a water supply to automatically dispense water when fire is detected. 

Fire Sprinkler System Option #2: Dry Systems

A dry system is filled with pressurized nitrogen or air rather than water, and is designed to withstand freezing temperatures. You’ll commonly see dry fire sprinkler systems installed in attics, loading docks, commercial freezers, etc. The release of the air permits the water pressure to open the dry pipe valve, causing the water to flow into the piping system and out of the sprinkler heads. 

Fire sprinkler system

Fire Sprinkler System Option #3: Pre-Action Systems 

A pre-action system is an electronically-operated valve controlling the water that goes into the piping system–similar to a dry system, except the sprinklers are closed. The heat has to activate the operating element in each sprinkler in order for water to flow out of it. If your facility houses high-value equipment, such as computers, art museums or MRI rooms, then a pre-action system may be the best fit for you. 

Fire Sprinkler System Option #4: Deluge Systems

A deluge system is installed in the same areas as sprinkler systems; however, the only way it opens is via the operation of a detection system. Once the valve is open, water begins to flow into the piping system and is released from all attached sprinklers. Deluge systems are more commonly used where you’ll need large quantities of water to quickly control a fire – such as power plants, aircraft hangers, chemical storage and processing facilities, for example.

Which One Is The Best Fit For Your Building? 

Sprinkler services large and small, our knowledgeable team will assess the unique needs for every phase of your sprinkler system’s life. Whether you are in the initial design phase, searching for fire sprinkler installation, or you’re in need of a repair, the DynaFire team can help you with all your sprinkler needs. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact us today!

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