How Often Do You Need Fire Alarm Service?

A fire alarm is a great tool, but how do you know it’ll work if there’s a fire? Scheduling regular Oviedo fire alarm service appointments with DynaFire keeps your system working like a champ.

Most equipment, tools, and devices need a check-up now and then to ensure that they are working correctly. You wouldn’t drive your car for thousands of miles without changing the oil or seeing if it needs a tune-up. Your fire alarm system is no different. You may think of your fire alarm system as “set it and forget it,” but you’d be wrong. The technicians at DynaFire are here to remind you that it could be time for an Oviedo fire alarm service.

When Do You Need Fire Alarm Service?

When DynaFire technicians install your fire alarm system, it will get its very first inspection. Just like a new baby, we will ensure your new arrival makes all the appropriate screeching noises. Before leaving you with your bundle of smoke-detecting joy, we want to ensure that your office and those inside it are as safe as possible in an emergency.

The next time you’ll see our smiling faces will be at your quarterly fire alarm test, then a few months later at your annual fire alarm test. And don’t worry about keeping up with the testing schedule – that’s our job, and we are great at stacking a calendar with Oviedo fire alarm service appointments.

What’s Involved In A Fire Alarm Service?

When we roll up to your building in our DynaFire truck, you can expect a thorough fire alarm system evaluation. Here’s what our checklist looks like:

Visual Inspection – Before we get our hands dirty, so to speak, we will visually inspect every element of your fire alarm system. We’ll look at your control panels, smoke detectors, fire alarm devices, and wiring to see if there are any visible signs of damage or wear.

Testing – Next, we’ll test the operation of your fire alarm system components, including smoke detectors, heat detectors, pull stations, notification systems, and others. We’ll trigger your fire alarm to confirm that the signals are still annoyingly loud and are received and relayed correctly.

Battery Replacement – If any batteries need to be replaced, we’ll take care of that at your Oviedo fire alarm service appointment. Replacing batteries before they fail is one way we are proactive in our efforts to keep you and your employees safe.

Code Compliance Check – We will review any changes to the fire codes in your area and verify that your fire alarm system is still compliant.oviedo fire alarm service

Recommendations – If we see any issues that need to be addressed, we will recommend repairs or upgrades to bring your fire alarm system to its peak performance and operation. And no, we don’t use tape for repairs!

What Other Services Does DynaFire Offer?

DynaFire isn’t just fire alarms. We are a full-service fire safety company, so we can offer our clients fire suppression systems, fire sprinkler systems, fire extinguisher service and maintenance, monitoring, and more. We can discuss additional Fire & Life Safety solutions you may need at your next Oviedo fire alarm service appointment. 

If you already have fire systems in place, we can evaluate their operation and recommend any needed service, maintenance, or upgrades. We will only recommend a brand-new system if you actually need one.

At DynaFire, Client Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority

Our certified technicians have experience with a wide range of fire alarm systems, regardless of the distributor, and our focus is not on forcing fire alarm system installations or upgrades. Instead, we focus on servicing our clients’ existing systems to guarantee code compliance and prioritize safety. We want to build a trusting relationship with our clients because they trust us with their safety.

Ready to schedule your Oviedo fire alarm service appointment? Contact DynaFire today. We look forward to providing you with best-in-class Fire & Life Safety solutions.

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