Understanding Clearwater Fire Extinguisher Inspections: A Guide For Business Owners

Did you know that simply having a fire extinguisher isn’t enough for your Fire & Life Safety plan? Getting your Clearwater fire extinguisher inspections on time is the only way to ensure they’ll work when needed.

Owning a business comes with seemingly never-ending responsibilities. Are you meeting your budget? Hitting your sales goals? Providing a safe work environment? We can definitely help you with the last one, because at DynaFire we love giving you the best ways to keep your business and your employees safe. 

Our mission is to provide our clients with all the tools they need to implement a robust Fire & Life Safety plan. Here, we’ll dive into the details of Clearwater fire extinguisher inspections.

Why Do Fire Extinguishers Need To Be Inspected?

If you think purchasing a fire extinguisher and hanging it on your wall is enough to keep your business safe, think again. Like most things in life, you must check on them periodically to ensure they’re still working. Without regular inspections, your fire extinguishers may as well be giant door stops. 

Last time we checked, throwing a fire extinguisher at a fire doesn’t put it out, so you need to keep a regular schedule of fire extinguisher inspections so they’ll work when you need them.

What’s A Proper Fire Extinguisher Inspection Schedule? clearwater fire extinguisher inspections

Fire extinguishers need different levels of inspection at various intervals, so this question is best answered with one of our famous bulleted lists:

  • Annual Inspections – Inspecting your fire extinguishers in detail every year helps us determine whether any physical damage or deterioration could impede their functionality. When your fire extinguisher has passed its annual inspection, we’ll mark its inspection tag for your records (and to remind you when your next annual inspection is due). If any repairs or replacements are deemed necessary, our team can handle them for you. 
  • 6-Year Maintenance – Besides regular inspections, every fire extinguisher must undergo maintenance every six years. Your fire extinguisher will be emptied and inspected during this maintenance appointment according to NFPA-10 and the manufacturer’s service manual. All internal parts, as well as the dry chemical power, are replaced.
  • 5 and 12-Year Hydrostatic Testing – If your fire extinguisher requires hydrostatic testing (if you’re not sure, we can tell you) every five and 12 years, it will undergo a more thorough inspection to verify its strength against leaks and ruptures with a pressure test. If any weaknesses are detected, it may be time to retire it and get a new one (we can help with that, too!).

What About Rechargeable Fire Extinguishers?

Some fire extinguishers can be recharged, extending their life over a non-rechargeable model. Generally speaking, a non-rechargeable fire extinguisher should be replaced every 12 years (depending on inspection and testing results), while a rechargeable fire extinguisher should be recharged every six years.

While there is no expiration date on a fire extinguisher, getting them inspected regularly will tell you when it’s time to have maintenance performed, have them recharged, or have them replaced. As a full-service Fire & Life Safety company, DynaFire can perform your Clearwater fire extinguisher inspections and any other services you may need.

Let DynaFire Guide You Through The Fire Extinguisher Inspection Process

You need your fire extinguisher to do its job when needed, and we will do our job to keep you safe. If you need help determining what type of fire extinguisher you have (or need), we can guide you through purchasing and installing the best models for your business. 

Once installed, we can put you on a regular inspection schedule to ensure your fire extinguishers perform as designed. Contact our team today to discuss your fire extinguisher needs.

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