Fort Myers BDA System Testing: A Guide to Maintaining and Servicing Your BDA System

“Can you hear me now?” is not the question you want to hear first responders ask in an emergency. Regular Fort Myers BDA system testing will ensure any emergency signal is heard loud and clear.

When your phone signal drops, it’s annoying; when an emergency can’t get through, it jeopardizes lives. Your first step in establishing a strong radio signal in your building is installing a BDA system. Your next step is to have regularly scheduled Fort Myers BDA system testing performed by our team at DynaFire

What’s A BDA System?

We love a good acronym and use them so often that we sometimes forget that many people aren’t fluent in Fire & Life Safety speak. BDA stands for Bi-Directional Amplifier and simply stated, it boosts a radio signal so it can reach its recipient across a vast distance or through signal-blocking materials.

Why Is A BDA System Needed?Fort Myers BDA system testing

A BDA system is needed in buildings with multiple floors, a lot of concrete, metal, and glass. Those materials do a great job of holding up your building, letting light in through the windows, and giving you a place to park underground, but they are not good at allowing radio signals through. And in an emergency, firefighters and other first responders communicate using two-way radios. See the problem?

Our BDA System Solves The Problem

Our cutting-edge Class B, Bi-Directional Amplifier system takes radio signal strength to new heights (literally) within buildings, tunnels, and various structures. With high power and band-selective capabilities, our signal booster system is fully customizable to cater to all public safety frequency band ranges. 

That may sound complicated but think of a BDA system as a network of signal boosters, similar to the WiFi boosters you may have at home. Just like those boosters allow your kids to use the Xbox in the distant garage, our BDA system extends radio signals over long distances, ensuring seamless communication even in challenging environments.

My BDA Is Installed – Now What?

After the critical first step in keeping your building and its occupants safe, don’t sleep on maintaining your BDA system. Like any other Fire & Life Safety component (fire alarms, sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, and others), your BDA system must be tested periodically to ensure it’s working correctly. 

How do you know when to get your BDA system tested? Simple! Our Fort Myers BDA system testing technicians can visit your facility and evaluate your needs. If you’re unsure when it was last tested, we can perform a thorough test and recommend any maintenance needed.

How Is A BDA System Tested?

Each year, our BDA testing technicians will use a signal generator to send out a signal to mimic that of a first responder signal. We then measure the strength of that signal at each booster point and at the roof antennae to verify that there are no breaks in the line.

Then, every five years, the radio frequency signal must be reevaluated to ensure that there have been no changes that necessitate additional boosters. We will also verify that the system frequencies are still valid and operational. We will provide you with written reports that stay with your system.

Need Fort Myers BDA System Testing? Call DynaFire!

Having a BDA system is a worry-free way to know that first responders can communicate effectively with each other in an emergency. Protecting your building and everyone inside with a BDA system can help prevent injury and save lives. Contact DynaFire today to schedule a BDA evaluation or testing appointment. We look forward to serving you.

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