Workplace Evacuation Tips From St. Pete Fire Alarm Inspection Companies

There’s no one better to ask for fire safety advice than St. Pete fire alarm inspection companies like DynaFire. We’re here to share some insider information on creating workplace evacuation plans for your office.

Your ability to exit a workplace safely during a fire is dependent on two things:

  • Advance warning from your fire alarm system
  • Advance planning for your evacuation

St. Pete fire alarm inspection companies like DynaFire have your fire alarm system’s function handled. We can design, install, test, and inspect a code-compliant alarm system for your commercial property using industry-leading techniques and high-quality equipment. The evacuation planning part is up to you. 

But, we wouldn’t be Fire & Life Safety superheroes if we didn’t provide you with some extra tips to aid you as you develop your plan. 

Workplace Emergencies and Evacuation 101

Develop a plan

It’s smart to consider a variety of emergencies that could occur in your workplace and have a response plan for each of them. Your plan needs to be tailored to your worksite, and any hazards present there. At the very least, your plan should include:

  • The method for reporting any fires or other emergencies
  • The evacuation policy and procedures
  • Floorplans or workplace maps with routes and refuge areas marked
  • The names and contact details of anyone who would need to be contacted after an evacuation
  • Procedures for anyone who may have additional responsibilities, such as shutting down critical machinery or operating fire extinguishers
  • Medical or first aid duties

Know when to put the plan into actionSt. Pete Fire Alarm Inspection Companies

Any emergency evacuation plan should include a way to alert employees and other building occupants of an emergency. Working with St. Pete fire alarm inspection companies helps to ensure that your alarm system is fully operational at all times. Your employees should also be able to recognize your property’s alarm system. Audible, visible, and tactile systems help communicate alarms to all building occupants. 

Establish evacuation routes

Your building evacuation routes should meet these requirements to the extent possible under emergency conditions. They should be:

  • Clearly marked
  • Well lit
  • Unobstructed and clear of any debris at all times
  • Unlikely to expose building occupants to additional hazards

Designate assembly areas

The fastest and easiest way to ensure that building occupants are accounted for in an emergency is to establish assembly areas. Any confusion regarding an assembly area could delay rescuing someone who may be trapped in the building or lead to unnecessary and dangerous search-and-rescue operations, so it’s vital that all employees are aware of the assembly areas before an emergency occurs. 


The assembly area should be far enough away from the building to avoid potential hazards, but close enough that it is accessible to all building occupants.

Practice your evacuation plan

An evacuation plan is only effective when your employees know how to put it into action. This means that you should regularly practice evacuation drills in your workplace. Many offices hold drills at least once every year, but other circumstances may require additional sessions, including:

  • When you develop or make changes to your existing plan
  • When you hire new employees
  • If there are changes to facility layout or design
  • When you introduce new equipment or processes to your workplace that affect evacuation routes
  • When Steve is about to invite you to another one of his parties, and you need to create a diversion

Okay, maybe that last one isn’t a real reason to practice your workplace evacuation plan, but do you really need an excuse to make your business a safer place?

Schedule Regular Fire Alarm Testing and Inspection 

St. Pete fire alarm inspection companies like DynaFire can help keep your commercial property prepared for emergencies. Working with us ensures that you’re taking the steps needed to keep your fire alarm system code-compliant and fully operational at all times. Contact us today to schedule your next service!

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