Don’t Make These Mistakes When Looking For Daytona Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring

Are you searching for the best Daytona commercial fire alarm monitoring available? We brought in the experts to help you avoid some of the common pitfalls along the way.

If you’ve been swiping left a few too many times on your search for the best Daytona commercial fire alarm monitoring provider, get your thumb ready to swipe right. You found DynaFire. We know you won’t be going to any other Fire & Life Safety company after this, but we made this handy guide that you can share with your best friends (and your worst enemies – we’ll give them the same great service), so they can work with us too. 

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Looking For Daytona Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring

Mistake #1: Staying in a long-term relationship with cellular

Breakups aren’t easy, but here’s the thing about fire alarm monitoring that relies on cellular service: you don’t want it. If you’ve recently been told that you need to make an update to your system or face a loss of communication between your alarm system and the Central Monitoring Station due to 3G and 4G sunsets, you’re probably already exploring other options. 

It’s the right thing to do because this won’t be the last time that cellular companies will stop supporting the signals that you’re using. Updating to a 5G/LTE-compatible cellular communicator is just a temporary fix since you’ll have to do the same thing down the road when we move away from 5G/LTE service.

Remember how we talked about giving that thumb a rest? Well, you’ll only need it one more time and that’s to swipe right to DynaNet. DynaNet is our branded, wireless mesh network that provides fault-tolerant, end-to-end delivery of security and fire alarms. DynaNet requires minimal setup,  it’s scalable regionally, nationally, and internationally, and it doesn’t operate on a cellular network, so you’ll never have to worry about forced updates ever again.

If you’re feeling comfortable with your cellular-reliant fire alarm monitoring, there are a few other reasons to make the switch:

  • Cellular is slow. Compared to DynaNet, which sends signals in as little as 1 to 3 seconds, traditional cellular methods can take up to 45 seconds to transmit.
  • Cellular networks are vulnerable. Cell towers can be damaged by storms and other severe weather, leaving you without service in an emergency.
  • Cellular is expensive. Besides the costly upgrades every time cellular technology changes, there are also month-to-month phone line costs and extra charges due to tax changes and other fees.

Mistake #2: Choosing a service provider that doesn’t care about your scheduleDaytona Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring

DynaFire is a full-service Fire & Life Safety company, meaning we offer Daytona commercial fire alarm monitoring and so much more. Our competition will have you juggling multiple service calls with multiple vendors, resulting in an overload of site visits and business disruptions. 

We care about your schedule, and consciously work to make it easier for you to do business with us. That means we minimize interruptions by carefully scheduling inspections and maintenance appointments for our clients with multiple service lines.

Mistake #3: Going with anyone besides DynaFire

We care about you and the safety of your property, which is why our Daytona commercial fire alarm monitoring is tailored to meet your needs. All of our services are provided by in-house employees that we’ve hand-selected for their enthusiastic drive to bring our clients the best service possible and their dedication to doing fire protection services the right way. 

Don’t Wait Another Day To Get Started With Us

You deserve a long-term relationship with your Fire & Life Safety provider. You deserve DynaFire. We’re here to keep your people and property safer and more prepared for emergencies, and we do it by utilizing leading technologies and focusing on matchless customer service. Contact us today to learn about our commercial fire protection solutions.

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