2 Procedures You Can Expect From Our Orlando Fire Extinguisher Service

Fire extinguishers are a reliable tool for saving your property and allowing a safe exit path during an emergency- that is, as long as they are working properly. Here are two of the procedures we follow to ensure your system is ready for whatever may come its way.

Maintenance Appointments

Fire extinguishers are only as good as their functionality. If an emergency arises and you need to rely on an extinguisher to eliminate a fire, you better hope that it has been maintained and properly taken care of. Otherwise, you might have an even bigger problem on your hands. Our job is to make sure that we hold our clients accountable with their Fire & Life Safety systems. 

Orlando Fire Extinguisher ServiceThere is an annual maintenance appointment for fire extinguishers that is intended to give the maximum assurance that the systems will effectively operate at any given time. The appointment consists of a thorough examination of the extinguisher to determine its physical and mechanical working condition as this will play a role in preventing its operation.

If our technicians are skeptical about what they see, they will recommend hydrostatic testing the extinguisher which includes replacing all internal parts or replacing the fire extinguisher depending on the outcome of the inspection. 

Our Orlando fire extinguisher service also requires a 6-year maintenance appointment based on the system’s manufacture date. Every six years, all stored-pressure fire extinguishers that require a 12-year fire extinguisher hydrostatic test are to be emptied and subjected to the applicable internal and external examination procedures, as per the NFPA-10 service manual and manufacture specs. Our technicians will then replace all of the internal parts and then recycle the dry chemical powder or replace it, as necessary. 

Testing Inspections

At this point, you’re probably thinking “fire extinguishers are high maintenance?!” And to that we say, it’s for both your and your property’s best interest! Every 5 and 12 years from your fire extinguisher’s manufacture date, it needs to be hydrostatically tested or replaced. This process consists of pressure-testing to verify its strength against unwanted leaks or ruptures. We’ll also empty your extinguisher at this time and follow the same internal and external examination procedure as mentioned above. 

If, at any time, our technicians notice any dents, mechanical injuries or corrosion that are causes of concern, your system shall be condemned or hydrostatically tested. Safety first! All of the processes included in an Orlando fire extinguisher service are done in accordance with NFPA 10. 

For more information about our Orlando fire extinguisher service, contact us today! We also have a variety of different resources available on our blog page that might answer some of your initial questions. We look forward to working with you soon! 

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