Orlando Fire Alarm Testing: What Your Commercial Property Needs

A major component of Fire & Life Safety is your fire alarm. But it only works to keep you safe if it, well, works. Here’s the 411 on Orlando fire alarm testing so that you don’t need to call 911.

You have a fire alarm system for your building. That’s great! Do you know how often to test it, or even how to test it? Probably not, but that’s okay. That’s what DynaFire is here for. Our team of Orlando fire alarm testing specialists knows the whens and the hows of making sure your commercial fire alarm system is working at its peak performance.

What Is A Fire Alarm?

Some of the terms surrounding your fire alarm system can be confusing so let’s clear the air, so to speak, about the difference between a smoke detector, a smoke alarm, and a fire alarm.

Smoke Detector – This type of device is connected to a circuit with a sensor that responds to a physical signal such as heat or smoke. When heat or smoke is detected, a signal is sent to the fire alarm control unit which then activates an audible alarm. A signal is also sent to a monitoring station connected to your fire alarm system.

Smoke Alarm – These units are single-station or multiple-station devices that respond to smoke and then activate an alarm from the unit. They are not typically connected to a larger fire alarm system or a monitoring station. Smoke alarms are perfect for smaller buildings like houses where a single-point alarm could be heard throughout the home.

Fire Alarm – This term typically refers to a full system of smoke detectors that send signals to a central monitoring station when a physical stimulus of heat or smoke is detected. Once the smoke detectors “tell” the fire alarm there could be a fire, the fire alarm’s audible signal is activated. For your commercial building, you need a fire alarm system, and you need an Orlando fire alarm testing company to make sure it’s working properly.

Who Can Test A Fire Alarm?

We all know (or should know) how to test the fire alarms (or more accurately, smoke alarms) in our homes – just push the button and cover your ears – but testing a commercial fire alarm system is a bit more complicated. The NFPA requires that your property’s inspection, testing, and maintenance, or ITM, be performed by someone qualified under the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) in your area. 

All of our Orlando fire alarm testing technicians are fully licensed and qualified to perform your testing. Our team is capable of providing fire alarm system testing and inspection services to any commercial fire alarm system. 

How Often Should You Test Your Fire Alarm?Orlando fire alarm testing

According to the NFPA, all smoke detectors in your fire alarm system should follow these testing procedures:

  • Semiannual inspection.
  • Annual functionally testing.
  • Sensitivity testing one year after installation, then testing every other year. If the device remains within its sensitivity range, it can be tested every five years thereafter.

Why You Need DynaFire For Your Orlando Fire Alarm Testing

Our Fire & Life Safety technicians at DynaFire are trained to service and test any type of fire alarm system, even if we didn’t install it. If your system is working great, we’re happy to serve you by testing it. We can also maintain your testing schedule so that you don’t need to worry that it’s been too long since you last tested your system.

If you’re not sure how long it’s been since your last Orlando fire alarm testing, contact us. We love tests and we love to study fire codes! Let us inspect, test, and maintain your system for you. We will pass the test and so will your fire alarm.

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