All About Annual Daytona Fire Alarm Testing

Put down that cheat sheet. Daytona fire alarm testing is the easiest test you’ll take all year – because we do all the work.

No cram sessions or all-nighters in the local diner are needed when it comes to testing your fire alarm system. At DynaFire, we take all the guesswork out of making sure your fire alarm system is working properly. In Florida, it is required that your system be tested once a year by a certified professional, and more frequently depending on the requirements of your local fire code. If you’re not already on an annual Daytona fire alarm testing schedule, we can help. 

Our certified fire alarm technicians can test every component of your fire alarm system quarterly, annually, and beyond, taking the burden off of your shoulders. We know that you’re likely not Fire & Life Safety specialists, but at DynaFire, we are, and we know what it takes to keep you, your business, and your employees safe. Here are a few of the ways we ensure that your fire alarm system is functioning properly during your annual Daytona fire alarm testing.

Smoke Detectors

An integral part of your fire alarm system is your smoke detectors. These work by sending a signal to the fire alarm control unit when a physical signal of heat or smoke is detected. The fire alarm control unit then emits an audible alarm. 

Your alarm panel should also send a signal to a monitoring station that can alert the fire department. During your annual fire alarm testing, we will test each smoke detector to ensure that it is working properly and sending signals to the fire alarm control unit.

Smoke Alarms

If your building is smaller and you don’t need a network of smoke detectors connected to a fire alarm control unit, you may have a collection of independent smoke alarms. We will test each one to make sure it’s working and it has fresh batteries. 

What Other Services Can DynaFire Perform During Your Annual Fire Alarm Test?Daytona fire alarm testing

As a full-service organization, we are more than just fire alarm systems. During our testing visit, we can make sure that all aspects of your Fire & Life Safety plan are at peak performance, including the following.

Fire Suppression Systems

After establishing that your smoke detectors are functioning properly, we will fully test your fire suppression system. What good is a sprinkler system if nothing comes out when you need it? Regardless of what type of suppression system you have, we will make sure that it’s ready to go. We handle these types of fire suppression systems and more:

  • Water Deluge System – dispenses a large amount of water to extinguish a fire.
  • Expansion Foam System – dispenses a combination of water and a foaming agent and is best for large-scale fires.
  • Clean Agent System – If the equipment in your building would be damaged by water or foam, a clean agent system can extinguish a fire by essentially sucking the oxygen out of the area. The type of gas used in a clean agent system leaves no residue and is electrically nonconducting – perfect for sensitive equipment.

Hydrostatic Fire Extinguisher Testing

If a fire breaks out in your building, you need functional fire extinguishers. We can help with that through hydrostatic testing for your fire extinguishers. The NFPA requires hydrostatic testing every 5 and 12 years in addition to monthly visual inspections and annual maintenance. 

During a hydrostatic test, your fire extinguisher will be emptied and filled with water. Once behind a protective barrier, it will be pressurized according to manufacturer requirements. Your technician will monitor the test gauge for any pressure loss. If your fire extinguisher loses pressure during this test, it could have a leak and will need to be retired.

Questions After Our Visit? Stay Up To Speed With DynaLink

“Oh shoot! I meant to ask my technician about…” If you have questions about your system or your account between testing visits, you can see it all with our robust client portal, DynaLink. Here, you’ll have access to invoices, reports, service records, your testing schedule, and anything else you need.

DynaFire Is The Only Tutor You Need For Daytona Fire Alarm Testing

Only licensed fire alarm technicians can properly test your fire alarm system so contact the Fire & Life Safety team at DynaFire today. We can assess your current system, set you up on a testing schedule, and recommend improvements that you may need to keep your building and your employees safe. We look forward to taking the guesswork out of this test!

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