What’s The Best Tampa Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring? It’s DynaNet

Don’t leave your Tampa commercial fire alarm monitoring to just anyone. When seconds count (and they do), count on DynaFire’s DynaNet monitoring system.

Who monitors your fire alarm? Is it Bill from accounting? When he smells smoke, does he blow his fire whistle and tell everyone to “Get out!”? What if there’s a fire on a Saturday or Bill’s on vacation? 

Obviously it’s not a good idea to leave your Tampa commercial fire alarm monitoring up to Bill …or any one person, for that matter. When you need around-the-clock eyes on your property, you need DynaFire. We saw a need for a top-notch, reliable fire alarm monitoring system, so we created DynaNet. Here’s why you need it.

Traditional Fire Alarm Monitoring

Typically, fire alarms are connected so that when one detects smoke or a fire, it will alert the other alarms. Depending on your building’s occupancy type, these alarms should also be connected to a central station that will be notified if there is an emergency so that it can dispatch emergency services. There are some problems with a traditional fire alarm monitoring system, such as:

  • Your fire emergency signal is transmitted to the central station over unreliable phone lines.
  • It can take up to 60 seconds for an emergency signal to be transmitted to the central monitoring station. Compare that to DynaNet’s 3-second response time. That’s fast!
  • Installing a traditional system requires a huge amount of infrastructure, including digging trenches and laying cables.

What Makes DynaNet Different?

At DynaFire, we love innovation, and when we see that there’s a better way to accomplish something, we want to figure it out. When we saw how slow and unreliable phone lines were at transmitting emergency signals, we created a Tampa commercial fire alarm monitoring system called DynaNet. Take a couple of minutes and see why DynaNet beats cellular for emergency communications.

How DynaNet Beats Cellular

DynaNet is made solely for emergency communication. Cellular is made for many things – phone calls, social media, videos, and more. It is not designed for monitoring. Here are a few more ways DynaNet is superior ro cellular.

Better Technology

Cellular technology is always changing – 3G, 4G, 5G – it never ends. Not only does this constant upgrading make it hard for equipment to work together, but you’ll also pay every time equipment needs upgrading. 

Speedier Speed

DynaNet uses fault-tolerant, military-grade technology (the kind used by space systems and emergency services). We also test our signal every 4.3 seconds, much more often than the National Fire Code requirement of every five minutes. Did you know that some cellular providers only test their communication signal every hour? Yikes.

No Network To Get Overloaded

During an emergency event, a storm, or a large gathering like a sporting event, cellular networks can become overloaded. They can’t tell the difference between an emergency call and any other signal on their network. This means your emergency signal may not get through.

Since DynaNet doesn’t use cellular networks, communication won’t get bogged down just because a lot of people are using their phones at the same time that you need to get an emergency signal to our central monitoring station.Tampa commercial fire alarm monitoring

Minimal Infrastructure

If a cellular tower is damaged, in a storm, for example, it can knock out cell service to a large area, keeping emergency signals from getting through. Because DynaNet doesn’t rely on such equipment, you can trust that your emergency signal will get through to the central station and emergency services will be dispatched quickly.

DynaNet Is The Only Tampa Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring Service You Need

When you’re ready to ditch the phone lines and switch to a fire alarm monitoring system that is 100% efficient, contact DynaFire. We look forward to supplying all of your Fire & Life Safety needs.

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