Need Fort Myers Fire Extinguisher Hydrostatic Testing? Who You Gonna Call?

Halloween is just around the counter, but something that should never be spooky is your Fire & Life Safety systems. Let the DynaFire team handle your Fort Myers fire extinguisher hydrostatic testing to keep things on the right path.

Fire extinguishers are a key part of your commercial property’s fire protection strategy. They can extinguish small fires and clear a path of escape from a larger fire. It’s critical that these life-saving pieces of equipment are kept in optimal working condition at all times. 

If your property is in need of Fort Myers fire extinguisher hydrostatic testing, who you gonna call? Not the Ghostbusters; you need DynaFire for this job. 

Hydrostatic Testing Facts for the Fall Season

Okay, we know fire extinguisher maintenance isn’t exactly festive, but this is stuff you need to know. 

There’s a good chance your workplace extinguisher needs service

The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) reports that an average of over 30% of workplace fire extinguishers are in improper condition. This is bad news, but we have great news – DynaFire is just a phone call away. 

Whether your fire extinguishers have been on a rigorous maintenance schedule or you’ve fallen a bit behind, we can handle it. We’ll make any deficiency corrections, ensure you’re up to date on all mandatory inspections and testing, and answer any questions you may have. 

Hydrostatic testing is required by NFPA code

Extinguishers are hydrostatically tested every 5 & 12 years from the manufacture date. If at any time a fire extinguisher shows evidence of dents, mechanical injury, or corrosion to the extent as to indicate weakness, it should be condemned or hydrostatically tested as well. 

In addition to hydrostatic testing, your extinguisher should be visually inspected each month and inspected and maintained at annual intervals by a trained professional.

No need to worry about remembering all the times and dates for your next inspections on your own. If you’re a client of ours, you have access to DynaLink, a customer service platform that gives you the ability to ask questions, view your billing history, and even schedule your next test or inspection.

Hydrostatic testing is a high-pressure test

The purpose of the hydrostatic test is to ensure that your extinguishers are able to withstand the high levels of pressure they are under at all times. If an extinguisher can’t withstand the pressure, it can become dangerous. 

During a hydrostatic test, the fire extinguisher is given an internal and external examination, its components are removed, and it is emptied and then filled with water. The cylinder is placed behind a protective barrier and is pressurized according to the requirements of the manufacturer. 

During the pressurization, the technician who is conducting the test will observe the test gauge for any loss of pressure. Loss of pressure would indicate a leak and would mean the extinguisher can no longer be used.

Schedule Your Fort Myers Fire Extinguisher Hydrostatic Testing Today!

Fall isn’t all about football, cooler temps, and digging through your coworker’s Halloween candy bowl; it’s the perfect time to check in on your fire extinguisher testing. Call DynaFire today to get started!

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