Who Can Inspect Fire Extinguishers in Daytona? And Your Other FAQs Answered

Have you ever wondered who you know that’s qualified to inspect fire extinguishers? Now you don’t have to. The answer to the question ‘Who can inspect fire extinguishers in Daytona?’ is DynaFire. 

A fire extinguisher only works if it works, and an inoperable fire extinguisher might as well be an oversized paperweight. Teaming up with highly-qualified professionals to keep your fire extinguishers in working condition is one of the best ways to keep your people and property safe. Keep reading while we break down everything you need to know about who can inspect fire extinguishers in Daytona.

How to Use A Fire Extinguisher

First things first, before you know how to maintain a fire extinguisher, you should also know how to use one. 

The easiest way to remember how to operate a fire extinguisher is to remember the acronym PASS.

Pull the pin on the extinguisher.
Aim the hose at the base of the fire.
Squeeze the handle to discharge the extinguishing agent.
Sweep the hose back and forth slowly while pointing at the base of the fire. 

Why do You Aim an Extinguisher at the Base of the Fire?

You may be tempted to point the extinguisher at the flames, but what you really need to hit is the fuel. Aiming the extinguisher at the flames will only cause it to fly through, while aiming at the base will direct the extinguishing agent at the fire’s fuel source.

Who Can Inspect Fire Extinguishers in Daytona?

Now that you know how to use a fire extinguisher, you need to know how to take care of it too. 

Monthly Fire Extinguisher Inspections

According to OSHA regulations, fire extinguishers on a commercial business property should be inspected visually at least once every month. 

Some extinguishers, depending on the area where they are located, may need to be inspected on a more frequent basis. This could be because they are stored somewhere which exposes them to an increased risk of damage. The monthly visual inspection can be conducted by any responsible person, but if you’re having trouble finding time in your busy schedule then let us handle it. 

Annual Fire Extinguisher InspectionWho Can Inspect Fire Extinguishers in Daytona

Annual fire extinguisher maintenance gives maximum assurance that extinguishers will effectively operate. A thorough examination of the extinguisher determines if physical damage is present. Our NICET-certified technicians conduct internal examinations and hydrostatic pressure testing as needed. If any repair or replacement is necessary, our capable team can take care of that too. 

You need a Fire & Life Safety professional to conduct any annual fire extinguisher inspections and hydrostatic testing, and there’s no one who can inspect fire extinguishers in Daytona better than DynaFire. 

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Not only does DynaFire provide code-compliant, expert fire protection solutions, but we’re also known for our top-notch service. Take a look at what Kerry R. had to say about working with us:

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