Space Heater Safety: The Team Answers Your Hottest Questions

As temperatures drop outside, your office can also get chilly. To keep your feet warm and your business safe, follow these space heater safety tips from our Kissimmee fire extinguisher service technicians.

If your office could double as meat storage, you’re likely no stranger to space heaters. And, as the seasons change, the temperature inside could feel just as cool as it does outside. Many office and cubicle inhabitants turn to trusty space heaters to keep their toes toasty throughout the winter and year-round.

As a full-service Fire & Life Safety company, our Kissimmee fire extinguisher service team at DynaFire knows a thing or two about space heaters. We answer our FAQs about these handy foot warmers to keep you and your business safe.

Are Space Heaters Safe For Office Use?

As with most equipment, how safe it is depends on how it’s used. Follow a few space heater rules to keep you and your new shoes safe:

Give your space heater some space – A minimum of three feet is recommended around your space heater. This wide berth ensures nothing can come in contact with it that would catch fire.Kissimmee fire extinguisher service

Inspect your space heater regularly – Your space heater has a cord that can fray and damage over time. Look for any signs of cord damage, yellowing of your space heater, or any other indication it needs to be serviced.

Turn it off when not in use – Never leave your space heater on while you’re away from your desk, even if it means your toes may take a few minutes to thaw out at the start of the day.

Should You Use An Extension Cord With A Space Heater?

Extension cords are great when you don’t have a plug nearby, but when it comes to space heaters, they can pose a fire risk. It’s best to plug your space heaters directly into the wall or use a surge protector (which can give you an additional buffer if you’re not close enough to a wall outlet). 

While we’re on the subject of extension cords, never daisy chain them, only use them if they are free from damage, and ensure that they allow a firm connection to the device you’re plugging in. Don’t let their convenience outweigh your office’s fire safety!

Can A Space Heater Trigger The Smoke Alarm?

Your smoke alarm is designed to detect smoke; some also detect heat, so a space heater can set off your smoke alarm under certain circumstances. 

It overheats – If your space heater overheats, it can create smoke.

It’s dusty – Dust plus heat equals burning or smoldering.

It malfunctions – As with any electrical appliance, a malfunction can cause a fire.

With proper usage, regular maintenance, and adherence to safety guidelines, you can significantly reduce this risk and keep your office toasty all season.

Do Space Heaters Emit Carbon Monoxide?

Only kerosene heaters and others that use combustible materials emit carbon monoxide, so unless you bring your camping equipment into the office, you should be safe on the CO front.

What Should You Do If Your Space Heater Catches Fire?

If a dusty or malfunctioning space heater causes a fire, you can use a fire extinguisher to suppress the flames. Our Kissimmee fire extinguisher service can help train your employees on how to use your fire extinguishers and visually inspect them each month (or have our team handle that for you). Proper care and maintenance of your fire extinguishers are paramount in keeping your office safe, especially if your employees use space heaters.

Fire Extinguishers And Space Heaters: A Perfect Pair For Safety

Whether your employees use space heaters or not, properly distributing fire extinguishers around your office is crucial to your fire safety strategy. And who better to advise you on the placement, usage, and maintenance of your fire extinguishers than DynaFire? Our Kissimmee fire extinguisher service has been serving Central Florida businesses for nearly 20 years, and we can help you and your office ensure that your fire extinguishers are always ready to protect in case of emergency by inspecting and testing them as needed. 

Contact us with your fire extinguisher questions or if you need guidance on any of the other Fire & Life Safety services we offer. We want your employees to have toasty toes – safely!

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