What to Expect During Your Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Appointment

At DynaFire, we want you to be as prepared as Boy Scouts, so we’re letting you know what to expect when you schedule a Clearwater fire extinguisher recharge with us. Grab a pen and paper (or just bookmark this blog) and let’s get started.

As a full-service Fire & Life Safety company, we know that fire extinguishers are crucial to the safety of your building and employees. Whether they’re saving your breakroom from a microwave fire or helping you safely exit the building in an emergency, fire extinguishers are your first line of defense. Our Clearwater fire extinguisher recharge technicians can ensure that your team of fire-fighting friends is ready to go to work when needed. 

Scheduling a fire extinguisher recharge appointment is easy. Fill out the form on our website, and a technician will contact you to put your office on our route. When we pull up in one of our snazzy trucks, here’s what you can expect from your appointment.

Fire Extinguisher Education

If you made your appointment because this blog told you to (thank you!), but you’re not sure why fire extinguishers need to be recharged, our team of fire extinguisher experts is happy to give you a friendly lesson. 

Three occasions may warrant a fire extinguisher recharge:

After use – If a fire extinguisher is not recharged immediately, the decrease in pressure and suppressant liquid can keep it from functioning correctly next time.

If there’s damage – Any signs of damage could significantly affect your fire extinguisher’s ability to put out a fire. 

If your six and 12-month inspections deem it necessaryNFPA guidelines recommend having your fire extinguisher inspected according to this schedule to ensure optimal performance.

Fire Extinguisher InspectionClearwater fire extinguisher recharge

As part of your Clearwater fire extinguisher recharge appointment, you can expect our team to thoroughly inspect your fire extinguisher for signs of wear or damage. We will check for corrosion, cracks in the hose, and other indications that a repair or replacement is needed. We will also check your inspection tag for the last time your fire extinguisher was inspected, then mark your inspection complete when we are finished.

Fire Extinguisher Recharge

If our team determines that one or more of your fire extinguishers needs to be recharged, we will transport them to our facility and perform the following steps:

  • Completely depressurize the extinguisher and remove the suppressant agent from the cylinder.
  • Remove the discharge valve from the cylinder.
  • Remove the siphon tube, valve stem, and spring from the valve.
  • Clean the valve, replace the valve neck o-ring, and thoroughly visually inspect the unit, both internally and externally, for any signs of damage.
  • Reassemble the valve and install a new valve stem to ensure proper seating and prevent future pressure loss.
  • Refill the extinguishing agent (water, carbon dioxide, dry chemical, etc.) by weight, following the specified recharging instructions for the unit’s size.
  • Re-pressurize the unit with the appropriate pressurizing gas.
  • Conduct a leak test to check for any signs of leakage, followed by reinstalling the discharge nozzle or hose.
  • Re-weigh the extinguisher to confirm that its total weight falls within the allowable tolerance specified by the manufacturer.
  • Install a new tamper seal on the safety pin and attach a new recharge tag to the unit, indicating the unit’s total weight and the technician responsible for the service.

That’s a lot of words to say that we take it apart, clean it, and put it back together with a fancy new inspection tag. 

Schedule Your Next Appointment

Once your fire extinguishers have been inspected, tested, and recharged, we will return them to you as good as new! All that’s left to do is schedule your next appointment. Letting DynaFire handle your Clearwater fire extinguisher recharge gives you peace of mind that if they are needed, your fire extinguishers are ready to spring into action. Contact our fire extinguisher team today to schedule your recharge appointment.

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