Holiday Fire Safety Tips for Businesses

As we transition from Halloween candy to plum pudding, it’s a great time to focus on your dietary choices and workplace safety. So, grab those comfy elastic waist pants and contact Florida fire sprinkler contractors to ensure your business stays safe during the holiday season.

It can be tempting to put your head down this time of year and think about nothing more than getting through the season. Looking forward to time off, feasting with family and friends, or just getting a fresh start in the new year can take the focus away from fire safety. At DynaFire, we want to remind you that Fire & Life Safety never takes a holiday, so stop Googling the best Black Friday deals, and let’s talk fire safety tips.

We have compiled a list of the most essential tips to keep in mind this season (and all year long) to keep your office and employees safe.

Deck Your Halls Carefully

If your party planning committee decorates for every season, there’s no doubt your halls will soon be fully decked (if they’re not already). While leaves, garland, and tinsel are fun and festive, they’re also significant fire hazards. Choose fire-resistant decorations, including artificial trees, wreaths, and garlands, if possible. Look for labels indicating that they are flame-retardant.

Before you string lights around your cubicles or trim the office tree, inspect your strands for frayed wires, damaged sockets, or loose connections. Replace damaged items to avoid electrical fires. Using LED lights and turning them off at the end of the day will also help to prevent fire.

Socialize SafelyFlorida fire sprinkler contractors

No holiday season is complete without at least one office party. Whether you gather for a friends-giving or a Santa-themed soiree, keep fire safety in mind. Office potlucks usually include several crock pots and other portable kitchen appliances that must be plugged in. Be careful not to overload your circuits because it can cause a short or, worse, a fire. Use your extra surge protectors and spread out the power grab to keep the food warm and your breakroom fire-free.

Turn off all appliances and unplug the crock pots before leaving the party and returning to work. If candles were a part of your luncheon, blow them out on your way back to your desk.

Do you know the most important guest to bring to an office party? A fire extinguisher. Your trusty red friend should live in your breakroom (and have many friends strategically placed around the building), but before your party begins, check to be sure it’s there and functioning correctly. If you haven’t scheduled a fire extinguisher inspection recently, our team of Florida fire sprinkler contractors can assist. 

Train Your Teams

Safety starts with your staff, so be sure they are adequately trained in fire prevention. Providing fire safety training for employees is essential so they know how to respond to a fire, including using fire extinguishers and evacuating safely.

Implementing best practices, such as keeping exit routes clear, is crucial, and if any of your office exits are blocked, your employees should clear them immediately. Conducting regular fire drills ensures that these routes are always prepared for evacuation. When everyone knows where to go in an emergency, this information remains fresh in their minds for this season and the future.

Check Your Fire Systems

Along with scheduling a fire extinguisher inspection, call DynaFire to check out your fire sprinkler system. We can look for signs of wear or damage and perform any necessary repairs to protect your building from fire.

This item is the simplest to check off your holiday fire preparedness list because it just takes one call to DynaFire. Our Florida fire sprinkler contractors can assess your current system and recommend maintenance, testing, or upgrades. We have been serving Central Florida businesses for many years and know what to look for to keep you safe.

Contact DynaFire Today

Before Santa starts scooting down chimneys, contact our Fire & Life Safety technicians to inspect your fire sprinkler system so you and your staff are prepared for a safe and festive holiday season. 

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