Foam Suppression Systems and Their Applications

Fire suppression systems are more than just water sprinklers. You need professional Orlando foam fire suppression system design and installation for larger spaces with sensitive equipment and assets. Good thing for you – DynaFire is your best foam friend!

Have you ever eaten something so spicy that you could only cool down your mouth with a hefty squirt of Reddi-wip? It works, Google it. Foam fire suppression works the same way to cool down and extinguish a fire quickly. But when it comes to highly combustible materials, remember that flammable and combustible are not the same. You need a sprinkler for the former and a foam suppression system for the latter.

DynaFire’s team of Orlando foam fire suppression system design experts can create a foam system for your facility that will smother fires faster than you can reach for the whipped cream. 

Here, we answer some foam fire suppression FAQs and explain how this suppression system is used in real-world situations.

What Is A Foam Fire Suppression System?

A foam fire suppression system is designed to control and extinguish fires involving combustable liquids, such as oil, gasoline, and chemicals. The difference between the three foam fire suppression system types is how widespread the foam can go or how much it can expand.

Low expansion – In a low expansion system, the foam can grow up to 20 times its liquid size and can flow farther for a broader range of coverage. 

Medium expansion – The foam in a medium foam expansion system can expand 20-200 times its water size, creating a larger blanket than a low expansion system. 

High expansion – This foam can grow over 200 times its water size, using more air and less water. A high expansion system is recommended for indoor facilities like warehouses and airplane hangers because there is no wind, and this foam is very lightweight.

How Does Foam Fire Suppression Work?

An Orlando foam fire suppression system design works by releasing a mixture of water and foam concentrate to create a blanket of foam that covers and cools the burning surface. Foam and water work together – the foam smothers, and the water cools. By separating the fuel from the oxygen, the fire is suffocated and cannot reignite. 

Foam is particularly efficient in extinguishing high-temperature fires because it rapidly cools them down, leading to quicker fire suppression. This swift response results in reduced fire-related property damage.

What Types of Facilities Are Best Suited For Foam Fire Suppression?

Foam fire suppression systems are best suited for facilities that contain hazardous and highly combustible materials and assets, such as:

  • RefineriesOrlando foam fire suppression system design
  • Chemical plants
  • Combustible liquid storage facilities
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Tanker loading racks
  • Paint spray booths
  • Diesel generator rooms
  • Warehouses
  • Loading jetties
  • Recycling facilities
  • Other places where water is not an option

In facilities like these, fire must be extinguished immediately to avoid risking catastrophic damage. Foam does an excellent job of putting out a fire quickly. However, It leaves quite a mess behind, and we keep that in mind when creating your Orlando foam fire suppression system design. If the damage that a fire can cause is worse than the damage that the foam can cause, foam is the solution for you.

DynaFire Can Handle Your Fire Suppression System Needs

When you need a professional Fire & Life Safety company to handle your fire suppression design and installation, turn to DynaFire. We have been serving the needs of Central Florida businesses for many years, and we can design the best suppression system for your facility. 

Whether you need an Orlando foam fire suppression system design, installation, testing, or repair, our DynaFire team can handle the heat – no Reddi-wip needed! Contact us today to see how we can help protect your business.

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