Looking For Sanford Fire Alarm Monitoring? Why You Need To Move Away From Cellular

You need to know about Sanford fire alarm monitoring from DynaFire. It could change your life. Or at least change the way that you monitor the alarm systems on your commercial property for the better.

Here’s the scenario: you already have Sanford fire alarm monitoring, and your monitoring provider just broke the news – you need an upgrade. Cellular providers are sunsetting existing 3G and 4G services this year, and your current equipment is going to be obsolete. 

They’re telling you that now you need to upgrade your monitoring to be compatible with 5G/LTE options, or have a panel that won’t communicate emergency signals. Best of luck, and hopefully the next change in cellular technology won’t come around for a few more years, because you’re going to be doing this all over again. Don’t worry, they say, we’ll notify you before that happens (because it’s going to happen). 

But, there’s something that they don’t want you to know – you have other options. Meet DynaNet

What’s DynaNet?

DynaNet is our top-of-the-line alarm monitoring solution. It’s a branded, wireless mesh network that provides fault-tolerant, end-to-end delivery of alarm signals for fire alarm and security systems. Designed and built with military applications in mind, DynaNet has been rigorously tested and meets all NFPA and UL requirements. And we haven’t even gotten to the best part yet. DynaNet doesn’t rely on cellular to communicate alarm signals. 

Say Goodbye To Cellular

That’s right. No cellular. No forced upgrades. Just fast, reliable, alarm monitoring technology that keeps your property (and your budget) safe. DynaNet is one of the fastest wireless alarm monitoring systems to require no cabling, trenching, or wiring, making the installation process simple and cost-effective. This solution will never become obsolete, unlike some of the other options out there. And when we say “other options” we’re talking about cellular monitoring solutions, in case that wasn’t obvious. 

What Can I Expect From DynaFire?Sanford Fire Alarm Monitoring

Hassle-Free Installation

When you choose us for your Sanford fire alarm monitoring, we’ll send one of our licensed technicians to your property for the initial installation. This requires very little turnaround time and causes minimal disruption to operations at your commercial property. Once your system is installed, we’ll instantly begin monitoring your property.

Quick Response

The signals on DynaNet’s radio frequency are monitored by the Central Monitoring Station for any signs of an emergency. Signal routes are constantly recalculated to make sure that information is traveling down the most efficient route possible, and if a fire or security signal is detected, the Central Monitoring Station will alert the proper authorities in real-time. 

The Best Service Known To Man

Our clients stick with us because they know that our dedication to service is unmatched. Check out this review that Sue H. left for us:

“As a manager of commercial properties, it’s so important to have service providers you trust. DynaFire has proven time and again they have our best interest in mind. They were the leader in wireless technology resulting in reduced costs to our properties. The DynaFire team is exceptional.”

Thank you, Sue! If you want to experience this same great service, and all of the benefits that come along with Sanford fire alarm monitoring from DynaFire, contact us today.

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