How To Upgrade Your Tampa Fire Alarm Monitoring Services

A fire alarm system isn’t enough to keep your building and employees safe. You also need the right Tampa fire alarm monitoring services to keep a watchful eye on your fire alarm system. When you’re ready to upgrade to the best, we’re here to help.

A robust fire alarm system is a key element to your company’s Fire & Life Safety strategy. While your alarm system alone is important, perhaps the most critical part of a fire safety system is your partnership with a fire alarm monitoring company

For nearly 20 years, DynaFire has provided best-in-class fire protection and monitoring services for commercial facilities in Central Florida. We pride ourselves on innovation, and when we saw that the only method of monitoring communication was happening over phone lines, we knew there was a better way. It’s DynaNet

DynaNet Is Different

What makes DynaNet unique? It is 100% wireless. We knew that a wireless system would be more reliable as technology progressed beyond wired phone lines. And we can all agree that when there is a fire, having access to the most reliable communication with first responders is crucial. 

Our branded wireless mesh network provides fault-tolerant, end-to-end delivery of fire alarm signals. It meets all UL and NFPA requirements and was one of the first wireless alarm monitoring systems to need zero cabling, trenching, or wiring, which makes installation a breeze.

How Does DynaNet Work?

If you haven’t picked up the phone to make an upgrade appointment for your Tampa fire alarm monitoring services yet, here’s more info on how our system works. First, because installation requires no digging or running cables, when we set up your system, your facility immediately becomes a wireless receiver, transmitter, and repeater of other radio signals on the DynaNet network.

Setting up each monitoring facility as a receiver lets us route emergency signals along the shortest path to our Central Monitoring Station. These paths are constantly updated as we add new receivers to make communication paths as efficient as possible.

Why Make The Switch?Tampa fire alarm monitoring services

If you’re still unsure what makes DynaNet head and shoulders above cellular and other monitoring providers, we’ve listed even more reasons to partner with DynaFire for your Tampa fire alarm monitoring services.

Cost-Effective – DynaNet requires no infrastructure setup, saving you money up-front and monthly because there are no phone line service bills.

No Phone Lines – Speaking of which, having no phone lines makes the signal more reliable and redundant since it uses up to eight paths instead of two.

Investment Protection – Our system is 100% scalable to grow with your business and will never be obsolete.

Fastest Available – When seconds matter, you need DynaNet. Our system sends signals to the Central Monitoring Station every one to three seconds, compared to 45 seconds for traditional phone lines.

Unmatched Compatibility – DynaNet works with all manufacturers’ control panels.

Universal Compliance – Our system complies with NFPA 72 Fire Codes and Florida State Fire Prevention Codes and is UL864 Edition 9 listed. (We love being code-compliant, can you tell?)

Dual Monitoring – DynaNet can simultaneously monitor fire alarms, security systems, generators, and more.

DynaFire Is The Only Tampa Fire Alarm Monitoring Services Company You Need

We know that your fire alarm system isn’t fully protecting your property without proper monitoring. When you partner with us, you get around-the-clock monitoring of your fire alarm system as well as the best customer service you could hope for. We love to talk Fire & Life Safety, so when you’re ready for an upgrade, contact us with all your questions.

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