What To Expect From Clearwater Fire Alarm Inspections

The fire alarm system on your commercial property is a vital part of your overall Fire & Life Safety plan. To ensure it’s functioning properly when needed, get DynaFire to perform your company’s Clearwater fire alarm inspections on schedule.

Like your annoying 5:30 AM alarm, your fire alarm should be a blaring signal that you need to do something, quick. In the case of your alarm clock, that means get out of bed and start your day. With a fire alarm, it’s alerting building occupants of a fire emergency. Without that annoyingly loud noise coming from your fire alarm however, your employees may not have enough time to vacate the building safely. 

This is why Clearwater fire alarm inspections are so critical to the safety of your personnel and your facility. The good news is that our skilled technicians can handle your inspections so you can keep working.

How Often Do Fire Alarms Need To Be Inspected?

Commercial fire alarm systems should be inspected semi-annually and annually. Every six months, you need a licensed fire inspection company to inspect your fire alarm system. In addition to professional inspections, it’s recommended that you perform a visual inspection of your fire alarm system every week. This inspection includes power supplies, control panels, LEDs, fuses, and any error messages.

What You Get With a DynaFire Fire Alarm Inspection

As a full-service fire alarm company, our technicians are certified to perform any inspections, installations, repairs, and monitoring that you may need. When you schedule Clearwater fire alarm inspections with us, we leave no stone unturned. 

Smoke Detectors And Smoke Alarms

If your smoke or heat detectors aren’t functioning correctly, your alarm won’t signal an alert. As part of your fire alarm inspection, we will test each detector to ensure that it is ready in case you need it. We will also check the network that connects your detectors. When one detector is triggered, it should signal the other detectors that they need to sound their alarms. 

Other Available Testing

We work with our clients to provide a number of testing services other than alarm system testing. We can coordinate multiple services and inspections at the same time to reduce disruption to your normal business operations. These are a few of the services we offer:

Fire Extinguisher TestingClearwater fire alarm inspections

Fire extinguishers are crucial to your Fire & Life Safety plan. When we visit facilities for Clearwater fire alarm inspections, we can also perform annual inspections of your fire extinguishers.

Fire extinguishers should undergo testing and maintenance annually, and a more thorough pressure test every five and 12 years. We perform all of our fire extinguisher testing in accordance with NFPA 10.  

Regular Maintenance Testing

We don’t limit fire alarm testing to the above components. We are certified to test a wide variety of other systems, including:

  • NFPA 25 inspections, testing, and maintenance
  • NFPA 10 inspections, maintenance, and repair services
  • Quarterly inspections and testing
  • Annual inspections and testing
  • Testing of notification devices
  • Testing of alarm systems
  • Emergency Communication Systems
  • Mass Notification Systems
  • And many more

Unsure When Your Last Inspection Was? Contact DynaFire!

If you’re not sure when your system was last inspected, give us a call. We schedule appointments for Clearwater fire alarm inspections every day and we would love to add you to our inspection schedule. Once you are established in our system, you can access your testing history and upcoming testing schedule via our client portal. Contact us to get started. We look forward to helping you with your Fire & Life Safety needs!

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