How Orlando Fire Sprinkler System Companies Innovate for More Efficient Water Usage

The job of a fire sprinkler system is to put out a fire; our job is to find the most effective and efficient ways for that system to work. Here’s why we lead the pack of Orlando fire sprinkler system companies in innovation.

We’ve all seen movies where an unexpected deluge from a fire sprinkler system interrupts a romantic kiss. Was the sprinkler system effective in extinguishing the single candle burning nearby? Sure. Was it also effective in unnecessarily dousing the entire floor in water? Absolutely. 

In real life, a commercial sprinkler system must be effective and efficient when deployed. Turn to Orlando fire sprinkler system companies like DynaFire for innovation that makes it possible.

How Does A Fire Sprinkler Work?

A traditional wet fire sprinkler system is composed of a series of pipes filled with water. When the sprinkler heads detect fire or heat, the water is released throughout the system, dousing anything and everything to extinguish a potential fire. 

If you’ve ever overcooked a chicken in the oven, you know that heat (and smoke) doesn’t always mean fire. Imagine if your kitchen got wet every time you left something in the oven for too long! At DynaFire, we want to find new and innovative ways to use less water while keeping you and your building safe.

Water Mist Fire Sprinkler Systems

One technology to consider is a water mist fire sprinkler system. As the name suggests, this solution uses fine mist to extinguish a fire. Even though less water is used, this method is highly effective. Water mist systems are a good match for buildings that house sensitive equipment and delicate items, such as museums, data centers, and computer rooms

Benefits of water mist fire sprinkler systems include:

Increased Effectiveness – Water mist can reach areas that standard water sprinkler systems cannot, making this system highly effective at fire suppression while reducing the damage that traditional sprinkler systems can cause in some environments.

Less Water Usage – Water mist sprinkler systems significantly reduce the potential for water damage because they use less water. This option proves beneficial as it causes less damage, making it a smart choice for facilities that contain high-value assets that can be costly to replace.

Easier Maintenance – The components used in a water mist sprinkler system are smaller and less complex than a traditional sprinkler system, so maintenance is easier. Repairs are less complicated, which reduces downtime and can keep your building safer.

Smart Sprinkler SystemsOrlando fire sprinkler system companies

While traditional fire sprinkler systems use heat-sensitive elements to detect and extinguish a fire, a smart sprinkler system uses technology to make fighting fires more effective. Multiple sensors and programmable functions enable a smart sprinkler system to find the most intense fire area and focus on suppression methods that keep the fire from spreading. 

Smart sprinkler systems can also be accessed remotely from a central station or smartphone to monitor and control individual sprinkler heads in real-time. Quicker detection and better suppression can limit water damage to your property, making a smart sprinkler system a cost-effective solution worth considering. 

You Can Stop Your Search For Innovative Orlando Fire Sprinkler System Companies – You’ve Found Us

We pride ourselves on our efforts to innovate as we provide the highest quality commercial fire alarm, sprinkler, security, and suppression systems available. We are always looking for ways to do it better while keeping the client experience in mind. 

Contact us today to see how our highly-trained NICET-certified technicians can provide you with a unique solution designed to meet the needs of your business.

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