Exploring Advanced Fire Alarm Technologies with Orlando Fire Alarm Service Providers

Is it time to upgrade your fire alarm system? Look for an Orlando fire alarm service company that offers the latest and greatest in fire alarm technology to keep your business and your employees safe. We are that company!

Technology is all around us. From electric vehicles to AI, there’s no stopping it – and why would you want to? Advances in technology can lower our need for fossil fuels, help us perform everyday tasks faster, and, in the case of Fire & Life Safety, keep us safer. But how does technology relate to fire alarm systems? Great question! Keep reading to learn how DynaFire uses tech to protect.

Smoke Detectors and Alarms

Ever wonder how a smoke detector knows that smoke is present? Plenty of technology goes into this equation.

Aspirating smoke detectors use a fan to constantly pull in air samples and test them for smoke. 

Ionization smoke alarms use a tiny amount of radioactive material to ionize air molecules so that they are charged positive or negative, creating a small electric current. When smoke enters this environment, the reduction in current causes the smoke alarm to sound.

Photoelectric smoke alarms (also known as video smoke and flame detection alarms) have a photosensitive cell that “sees” when flames are present. When light from flames enters the device, light is scattered and picked up by the photosensitive cell causing the alarm to sound.

Toxic And Combustible Gas Detection Systems

Our Orlando fire alarm service also provides notification systems for elements other than fire. When a building houses toxic chemicals or other flammable materials, it should have a technologically-advanced alarm designed to detect the release of these gasses into the atmosphere.

Gasses aren’t as obvious as smoke and flame, but they can be just as dangerous to employees working in your facility. We work with two types of gas detection systems: Catalytic diffusion sensors and electrochemical sensors. Our DynaFire team can install and maintain these systems to keep your facility and employees safe from fire and gas hazards.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

How much do we love fire alarm technology at DynaFire? So much so that when we saw there was not a reliable solution for emergency signal communication, we created our own! We call it DynaNet, and it continues to be the most reliable emergency communication system available. How does it work? We’re so glad you asked!

New Tech > Old TechOrlando fire alarm service

Old school fire alarm monitoring systems used outdated landlines or cellular networks to get an emergency signal to first responders. Does anyone under 60 even have a landline anymore? And we all know how unreliable cellular networks are. Can you hear me now? Not necessarily. 

Reliability and Consistency

Constantly evolving cellular technology causes entire networks to be sunsetted, which can cause major issues if your fire alarm system depends on one. 3G, 4G, and 5G networks are constantly being updated which means your system needs to be updated too. No, thank you.

Easy Installation

DynaNet is 100% wireless and requires minimal installation – no digging, trenching, or running cables – and once your receiver is installed, your facility becomes a transmitter too. The more receivers we add to our network, the faster emergency signals travel to our Central Monitoring Station.

DynaFire Is The Orlando Fire Alarm Service With The Tech You Need

If you’re looking for a Fire & Life Safety partner that is always searching for the best ways to keep you and your business safe, you’ve found us! We love technology and we strive every day to put that tech to work for your safety. Contact us today to see how we can serve you and your business.

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