The Top 4 Reasons You Need Fort Myers Fire Sprinkler Repair

If they’re not actively putting out a fire, you don’t know if your fire sprinklers are ready to do their job. Our professional Fort Myers fire sprinkler repair team can look for these top four reasons you (and your fire sprinkler system) may need us.

Imagine what would happen if a fire breaks out in your building, and instead of an impressive fire-dousing spray from your sprinkler heads, they only release a tiny trickle reminiscent of a garden hose on its last drop. Having your sprinkler system checked by our expert team ensures it’s always ready to unleash its full force against any fire and protect your building and its occupants. We’ll look for these signs that you need your fire sprinkler system repaired when we pull up to your offices in our snazzy Fort Myers fire sprinkler repair trucks.

Malfunctioning Or Damaged Sprinkler Heads

If Susan from accounting keeps complaining about the sprinkler head above her desk dripping on her spreadsheets, you probably need fire sprinkler repair. You could also need repair for damaged or malfunctioning sprinkler heads, even without the desk drips. Our team of Fort Myers fire sprinkler repair technicians can inspect each sprinkler head for signs of damage that could cause them to leak, discharge unexpectedly, or otherwise not work as they should.

In many cases, it’s tough to see if a sprinkler head is damaged without getting up close and personal with it. At DynaFire, we love to inspect sprinkler heads closely. We can see tiny breaks, cracks, and other signs of damage that you may miss. We can then recommend repairs and replacements to get your fire sprinkler system back in good working order.

Leaky Or Burst PipesFort Myers fire sprinkler repair

Beyond your sprinkler heads lies a complex system of pipes that carry water to the sprinkler heads. Depending on what type of sprinkler system your building has, these pipes may always have water in them. And if they start leaking, you may not know it because the pipes are typically out of sight and out of mind, located in your walls and ceilings. 

When a pipe starts to leak, or worse, bursts, not only do you have a messy water situation to consider, but you also have a pressure problem. Each drop of water that escapes through the leak reduces the overall pressure in the system, diminishing the force and effectiveness of your fire sprinklers when they need to spring into action. When our fire sprinkler team arrives on the scene, we will inspect every inch of your pipes to ensure they are leak-free and ready.

Corrosion And Rust

Water + metal = corrosion. Like when you left your bike in the rain. It’s just science. Thankfully, there are ways to thwart this math problem with your sprinkler system, such as using suitable materials like stainless steel or CPVC (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride). You can also help safeguard against rust by maintaining proper water chemistry, regularly flushing the pipes, and having adequate insulation.

Corrosion and rust can compromise the integrity of the sprinkler system’s pipes and components, leading to leaks, blockages, or system failure. Regular inspections by certified Fort Myers fire sprinkler repair technicians are the best way to spot these issues early.

Your System Is How Old?

If your system is older or hasn’t been inspected and tested in a while, you need to schedule a DynaFire appointment ASAP. If you recently moved into an older building or took over building maintenance responsibilities, and there are no inspection records, the safest route is to start from scratch and have us inspect your fire sprinkler system from top to bottom. We can recommend repairs and guide you through the retrofit process if that’s what’s needed.

Need Fort Myers Fire Sprinkler Repair? Call DynaFire

A properly functioning fire sprinkler system is crucial to protect your property and its people from the devastating effects of fire emergencies. By taking proactive measures, you can ensure that your system will be ready to respond swiftly and effectively when it matters most. 

Contact us to schedule a comprehensive inspection and maintenance service with our professional Fort Myers fire sprinkler repair team today. Let us help you safeguard your commercial property or business, giving you peace of mind knowing that your fire protection system is in top-notch condition.

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