Our Daytona Fire Extinguisher Service Company’s Best Electrical Fire Safety Tips

At DynaFire, we’re all about Fire & Life Safety, and as a leading Daytona fire extinguisher service company, we know that a considerable part of fire safety is fire prevention. Here’s how you can keep your facility safe from electrical fires. 

As kids, we were all (hopefully) taught not to stick metal objects into electrical outlets because they can shock you. Electrical safety started way back then and continues today as we discuss how to keep your commercial property safe from electrical fires. Follow these tips from the team at our Daytona fire extinguisher service company, and keep those paper clips in your desk drawer!

Perform Regular Maintenance

You may only know you have a lurking electrical issue if Mike short-circuits the microwave (again) by leaving a metal spoon in his cup-o-noodles. Having your electrical system checked regularly is a smart way to avoid any minor issues before they become major ones. 

During an electrical maintenance appointment, your electrician may perform the following checks:

  • Visual inspection for signs of damage or wear
  • Testing of circuits breakers, GFCIs, and other electrical systems
  • Electrical panel inspection for proper labeling and capacity
  • Outlet and switch inspection to test functionality
  • Electrical equipment inspection to ensure adequate grounding
  • Lighting assessment of fixtures and bulbs
  • Grounding verification to prevent shocks and hazards
  • Safety checks for fire hazards
  • Recommendations and repairs to address potential issues and to improve efficiency
  • And others

Regular electrical maintenance is crucial to identify and address potential electrical hazards early on; preventing severe issues, reducing the risk of electrical fires, and ensuring electrical systems’ overall safety and functionality in your building. It is recommended to have electrical maintenance conducted by a qualified electrician or electrical service provider in compliance with local electrical codes and regulations.

Avoid Overloading Outlets

We mention Clark Griswold frequently in this blog because he’s a great example of what not to do. The Christmas lights looked great, but that’s the wrong way to do it! Don’t overload your electrical outlets, or they could overheat and cause a fire. Use surge protectors to distribute power loads evenly and avoid daisy-chaining extension cords. 

If your team is growing and you’re adding new workstations to your office, you may need more electrical outlets or circuits to accommodate them. Have an electrician install new outlets instead of “borrowing” electricity from an overloaded outlet.

Maintain Fire Extinguishers and Alarms

Here’s where we come in. Having fire extinguishers throughout your facility is not only an intelligent way to keep your building safe but it’s also required by law. NFPA recommendations are based on the building size and the travel distance of an occupant to any given fire extinguisher. You need a certified Daytona fire extinguisher service company to regularly inspect and repair or replace your fire extinguishers as needed. 

Smoke and fire alarms are another crucial element of Fire & Life Safety. These systems should be designed and installed by a professional fire safety company (like us!), and tested regularly to ensure proper function.

Perform Employee Training

Conduct fire safety training for all employees, teaching them how to identify potential electrical hazards and respond appropriately during a fire emergency. Encourage safe practices such as unplugging appliances when not in use (and removing the spoon before putting your noodles in the microwave, Mike!).

Hire Qualified Electricians

Electrical work is not only dangerous, but it can also be quite complex. Hiring licensed and experienced electricians to handle electrical installations, repairs, and upgrades is the best way to keep electrical safety a priority. Properly qualified professionals can ensure that electrical systems are installed and maintained in compliance with safety standards, reducing the risk of electrical fires.

Partner With The Best Daytona Fire Extinguisher Service Company

For all things Fire & Life Safety, your facility and building occupants are in good hands with DynaFire. Our skilled technicians can evaluate your building’s needs and recommend installations, upgrades, and services to keep you safe. Contact us today to get started.

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