5 Traits To Look For In Fire Suppression Companies

If your business is looking for Fire & Life Safety solutions, it becomes essential to consider your options for fire suppression companies. We get it; your business is your lifeline. It’s the same for us! This is why you should look for 5 key traits when deciding who to hire as your fire suppression company.

Fire suppression companies


Trait #1: They Provide The Right Solution 

A key differentiator between fire suppression companies is in the services they provide. Because if it’s not what you need, move onto the next one. When it comes to considering a company for your Fire & Life Safety needs, it’s essential to understand how their solutions would work for your business. Start by browsing our solutions and services pages, and give us a call to discuss which ones you’re ready to pursue today. 


Trait #2: They Are Certified & Trained 

The extent that fire suppression companies prioritize training their technicians is another trait worthy of taking note. At DynaFire, training is not only mandated but incentivized. If our team goes above and beyond their NICET training, they get compensated for it. We believe in encouraging professional growth within our business to provide the best solutions to businesses like yours. Bottom line – we reward excellence. See how our superior NFPA training can benefit your business when choosing us above other fire suppression companies.


Trait #3: They Are Skilled Problem Solvers

When it comes to anticipating problems before they arise, our DynaFire team has got it locked-down. To the extent that we design and develop custom solutions for each of the spaces that we service. Success to us means that we identified the best solution for your business from the beginning. The best result is leaving you with a fire suppression system that you can trust. Learn how our technicians can solve any of your Fire & Life Safety problems by contacting us today


Trait #4: They Provide Excellent Customer Service 

The most significant differentiator that DynaFire has when standing out in your search for fire suppression companies is that customer service is the motivation behind our core values. Customer service is more than what we commit to – it’s who we are, it’s the fabric of our company. Going above and beyond the service required for a given project, our team is willing to do whatever it takes to keep your systems safe and running smoothly. 


Trait #5: They Exceed Your Expectations 

“I speak on behalf of the Tri-City Team on the Dr Phillips Performing Arts Project and take this opportunity to commend as well as thank you for the service, performa

nce, and dedication DynaFire put forth in building this project. For the nearly three year duration, DynaFire consistently demonstrated their superior knowledge and capabilities in the industry. I personally appreciate the personal attention you put on the project during final inspection stages that proved critical to receiving a Certificate of Occupancy, I look forwardto having DynaFire as a team member in the near future.”

-Don Owen, Tri-City Electrical Contractors

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For us, we work for the testimonials that clients leave us after our team helps them with their Fire & Life Safety needs. It’s not about just getting the project done, we work to leave lasting impressions by exceeding your expectations. 


Want to find out how we can put these traits into the solutions we provide your business? Fill out this form to get your project started today. 


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