How Our Fire Extinguisher Service Company Can Help Your Healthcare Facility

Healthcare facilities pose unique challenges that only an experienced Winter Park fire extinguisher service company can overcome. Here are a few ways we can help keep your facility and your patients safe.

Knowing the difference between the Fire & Life Safety needs of a corporate office and a hospital is as important as knowing whether to bring a stapler or a scalpel to a meeting. Understanding unique circumstances is paramount in the fire safety business, and with our extensive experience, DynaFire excels at tailoring solutions to meet your healthcare facility’s specific requirements effectively. 

If you visit our portfolio page, you can see a few of the jobs we have done for Central Florida healthcare facilities, including:winter park fire extinguisher service company

  • Florida Hospital in Orlando
  • Fish Memorial in Orange City
  • First Health in University Park
  • Cape Canaveral Health First Hospital
  • Treasure Coast Rehab Hospital in Vero Beach
  • Leesburg Regional Medical Center

But how is fire extinguisher safety different for a healthcare business? Let’s break it down and discover why partnering with a Winter Park fire extinguisher service company is so crucial to the safety of your patients and equipment.

Sensitive Equipment

Healthcare facilities often have sensitive medical equipment and machinery that can be affected by fire suppressants. Specialized fire extinguishers, such as clean agent extinguishers, might be required to prevent damage to high-value assets. 

The most sensitive equipment in a corporate office may be the copy machine, but in a hospital, the devices used to perform surgeries, push oxygen, and stabilize patients are a bit more sensitive – and likely more costly to replace. We can help develop a fire extinguisher plan to protect your investment in case of a fire.

Patient Safety

Evacuating patients can be more challenging in healthcare settings because some patients may be unable to evacuate independently. Having fire extinguishers strategically placed around the facility and making sure the staff is trained in their use can give patients and staff extra time to get out safely. Fire extinguishers can also help control a small fire until emergency responders arrive.

As part of your fire extinguisher safety plan, we can work with you on evacuation procedures that address the need to move patients with mobility challenges. We can help you train your staff and establish practice drills so everyone can handle the fire extinguishers in an evacuation situation.

Fire Risks

Using flammable chemicals, gases, and oxygen in healthcare settings increases the potential for specific types of fires. The selection of appropriate fire extinguishers is vital to addressing these unique risks.

The mix of combustible gasses in healthcare settings can be like a chemistry experiment, but not the fun kind you had in your high school chem lab. That’s why choosing the correct fire extinguishers is like having the perfect safety toolkit to handle these unique challenges and keep your patients and staff safe.

How DynaFire Can Address These Challenges

We know that fire extinguishers are your first line of defense in a fire. Whether it’s a small fire in the breakroom microwave or a more significant fire from an overloaded circuit, a well-placed and properly-functioning fire extinguisher is crucial. Having a company that can inspect, test, and provide regular maintenance is vital to keeping them working at peak performance.

Contact the technicians at our Winter Park fire extinguisher service company to evaluate your facility and help you choose fire extinguishers for your unique needs.

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