Ft. Myers Fire Suppression Services For Healthcare Facilities: How We Meet Your Needs

Fire & Life Safety in hospitals and healthcare facilities requires competent planning and specialized designs. Our Ft. Myers fire suppression services can equip your property with industry-leading solutions. 

Keeping your hospital or other healthcare facility protected from fires is a unique challenge – and DynaFire is prepared to help you face it head-on. Unlike many other commercial properties, building occupants in hospitals, nursing homes, extended care, and rehabilitation facilities are not always ambulatory. 

Additionally, these properties often house state-of-the-art equipment that can’t be quickly or easily replaced. These are both considerations that we prioritize when we plan Ft. Myers fire suppression services for a healthcare facility.

Fire Suppression in Healthcare Facilities

Fire sprinkler systems need to be present throughout healthcare occupancies. However, hospitals and healthcare facilities contain multiple special hazard areas that should be equipped with the appropriate suppression systems.  

Fire Suppression for IT Server Rooms

While life-saving equipment might be the first thing many people think of when listing the high-value assets that are housed in a hospital or other healthcare facility, servers and other IT electronics need to be considered as well. If you’re assuming that DynaFire has fire suppression solutions for IT and server rooms, pat yourself on the back because you’re right. 

Healthcare facilities need to be able to store an enormous amount of data and information on their IT infrastructure. Our team can design, install, and maintain custom clean agent suppression systems that protect these assets and fit the individual needs of your facility.

Commercial Kitchens

Many healthcare facilities that house patients for an extended period of time have kitchens and cafeterias that require fire suppression solutions that will meet code requirements for commercial kitchens. 

Cooking equipment is the most common cause of fires that ignite on healthcare properties, and accounted for 66% of fires recorded in a recent NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) report. The same report showed that these kitchen fires caused just 3% of the direct property damage, which is a shining example of the effectiveness of the suppression systems present. 

Surgical Rooms, Laboratories, and Other Sterile EnvironmentsFt. Myers Fire Suppression Services

When it comes to sprinkler systems in operating rooms and other similar environments, some of the greatest concerns are potential leaks and accidental discharge.

While you want your sprinkler system to activate in an emergency, an accidental activation is the last thing you need. In settings where fire code requires sprinklers, installing preaction systems can reduce the chance of accidental activations. 

Some areas may also house flammable chemicals, oxygen tanks, and medical gases. Standard water-based sprinkler systems are not sufficient for these areas and more specialized solutions will be needed. 

Looking For Ft. Myers Fire Suppression Services For Your Facility? 

We’re not trying to brag when we say that our Fire & Life Safety solutions and customer service skills are matchless. We know that you want the very best for your facility, and our portfolio speaks for itself. DynaFire has recently completed projects at:

  • Florida Hospital
  • Fish Memorial MOB
  • Leesburg Regional Medical Center
  • Treasure Coast Rehab Hospital
  • And more

These healthcare facilities chose us for our proven record and dedication to the protection of people and property. Contact us today to experience the difference our Ft. Myers fire suppression services can make at your facility.

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