Why There’s Nothing Better Than A Tampa Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring Service

If you’ve been looking for a Tampa commercial fire alarm monitoring service and striking out, congratulations – you just hit a home run with DynaFire. Here’s why you need this service, and what makes us the best option for you. 


We’ll admit, we’re a little obsessed with Fire & Life Safety. And that doesn’t end when it comes to our Tampa commercial fire alarm monitoring service. We’re with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. But don’t worry, you’ll be glad to have us around


Fire Alarm Monitoring From DynaFire

Long ago, before modern technology, fire alarm monitoring relied on phone lines as the main source of communication. In the greatest feat of innovation since the wheel, we developed DynaNet. This wireless mesh network provides fault-tolerant, end-to-end delivery of alarm signals for both fire and security systems. Here are the facts:

  • It’s universally compliant, meeting UL and NFPA standards
  • It’s quick to install and needs no cabling, trenching, or wiring
  • It’s the fastest available monitoring system, with 1 to 3 second transmission time
  • It’s cost-effective, linking your system directly to local first responders
  • It provides elevated reliability, communicating alarm signals down multiple paths 
  • It has unmatched compatibility with all manufacturers’ fire alarm panels


Why You Need It

Immediate response to a fire is absolutely essential. A recent report from the NFPA found that fires caused approximately $14.8 billion in property damage in 2019. When a fire ignites in an unoccupied building that is only equipped with a local fire alarm system, there is no way to notify first responders. With DynaNet, you don’t have to wonder if anyone will be notified in the event of an alarm activation. It’s already done. 


Installation: It’s Quick And Painless

When you choose DynaNet for your Tampa commercial fire alarm monitoring service, one of our licensed technicians will come to yourTampa Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring Service property to install your DynaNet system. Don’t blink, because this installation will be over before you know it. We find that the lack of cabling, trenching, and wiring really cuts down on the setup time.


As soon as your installation is complete, your building will become a receiver, transmitter, and repeater of all radio signals on the DynaNet radio frequency. This is how our system is able to expand exponentially with no need for added infrastructure.


How It Works

If there is an alarm activation on your property, your transmitter will find the fastest possible route to send signals to our Central Monitoring Station. These signals are sent repeatedly until the Central Monitoring Station verifies that they are received, and then notifies the proper emergency personnel. 


The Choice Is Clear

You look like a discerning individual who only wants the best of the best. So you’re pretty much our ideal client. Take a look at what Melissa K. had to say in a recent review:


“Great service, responsive, helpful, professional, great with my tenants, goes the extra mile. And just nice people. I refuse to use any other fire system company in Florida.”

Be like Melissa. Give us a call, or fill out our online contact form, and let us tell you more about our Tampa commercial fire alarm monitoring service, or any of the other excellent services we offer.

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