Daytona Local Fire Extinguisher Service – What We Offer

If you’re wondering what we offer for Daytona local fire extinguisher service, we think the real question you need to be asking is what don’t we offer? 


Your fire extinguisher defends your office, commercial building, or residential home from fires, but it’s only worth having if it’s fully functional in an emergency situation. Not only is testing and inspection critical to keep your extinguisher working, it’s required for many building occupancy types by NFPA standards. As a Fire & Life Safety company, DynaFire provides out-of-this-world Daytona local fire extinguisher service. So buckle up.


How Your Fire Extinguisher Works

In order for a fire to ignite and continue burning, it needs three key elements. These are:

  • Oxygen
  • Heat
  • Fuel 


Once any one of these elements is eliminated, the fire will be extinguished. Some fire extinguishers will utilize chemical agents to deprive the fire of oxygen. Others will remove the heat element by cooling the temperature. 


Daytona Local Fire Extinguisher Service: Monthly Checks

It’s a good idea (and required by OSHA workplace regulations and NFPA code in a commercial environment) to examine your fire extinguisher for signs of damage and loss of pressure every thirty days or more, as conditions require. 


The person who is responsible for monthly checks should also ensure that the extinguisher is located in the designated place, easily accessible, and either visible or has a sign that indicates where it is located. Once this has all been done, whoever conducts the inspection should sign and date the tag on the extinguisher to record that the inspection has been completed. 


While this is something you can do yourself, our technicians would be overjoyed to handle it. Really, please ask them to. We’re not sure what they would do if they didn’t have fire extinguisher inspections to complete. 


Annual Maintenance: What We Look For

Our NICET-certified technicians check all the boxes when providing Daytona local fire extinguisher service. During annual inspections and maintenance they will thoroughly check for all of the standard monthly inspection items as well as the following:

  • Signs of damage, corrosion, and wearDaytona local fire extinguisher service
  • Signs that the extinguisher has been used
  • Blockages in any hoses
  • Any condition that will prevent operation
  • Whether hydrostatic testing is necessary 


Six-Year Fire Extinguisher Maintenance 

According to NFPA standards, stored-pressure fire extinguishers that require a 12-year hydrostatic test need to be emptied and internally and externally inspected every six years. If you’re looking for a fun read you can check out the recommendations in your fire extinguisher’s manufacturer’s service manual or the most recent copy of the NFPA-10.


Five And Twelve Year Hydrostatic Testing

Every five and twelve years from the date of manufacture most fire extinguishers will need to undergo hydrostatic testing. During this test, the extinguisher is pressurized to determine whether the tank has weakened. Weakness is absolutely unacceptable, so make sure you give your extinguisher a good pep talk before testing begins. 

When you need Daytona local fire extinguisher service, you need DynaFire. Our inspections and maintenance are quick and easy to schedule, and our technicians work quietly and discreetly so you can run your business with little to no interruption. Schedule your service appointment by filling out our online contact form today.

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