Fire Extinguisher Regulations In The Workplace Part Two: Our Orlando Fire Extinguisher Services

If you own or operate a business, you need a fire extinguisher. If you have a fire extinguisher, you need Orlando fire extinguisher services. And if you’re looking for fire extinguisher services, DynaFire is the best option out there.


A fire extinguisher is an extremely effective tool that can save your property and give the opportunity for safe exit during a fire-related emergency. Most fires in businesses occur while the building is occupied, with an NFPA report showing that over two-thirds of office fires ignite between the hours of 7AM and 7PM. Whether you’re clearing a path to the nearest exit or putting out Dave’s latest Hot Pocket microwave mishap, you need a fully functional fire extinguisher and DynaFire’s Orlando fire extinguisher services.


Where Are Fire Extinguishers Required?

Per NFPA: 1 Fire Code, fire extinguishers are required in the following occupancies:

  • Ambulatory health care
  • Apartment
  • Assembly
  • Business
  • Day-care
  • Detention and correctional
  • Educational
  • Hotel and dormitory
  • And more


NFPA regulations essentially require fire extinguishers in almost any facility that is not a single-family home, manufactured home, or duplex (but as fans of Fire & Life Safety, we recommend them in these structures too). 


Even if buildings have additional fire suppression systems installed, such as sprinkler systems, they are still required to have fire extinguishers present. And that means you’ll still need Orlando fire extinguisher services.


Where Should Fire Extinguishers Be Located?
Inside your building, fire extinguishers need to be located in places where they are easy to reach and highly visible. It’s critical that nothing is between you and access to fire extinguishers in an emergency situation.


NFPA code requires that fire extinguishers be located along normal paths of travel, such as along hallways and near exit doors. Additionally, if the fire extinguisher is stored in a place where visual obstructions can’t be avoided, you will need signs or other visual aids that show where the extinguisher can be found. 


Orlando Fire Extinguisher Services: What You Need

Now that you know which workplaces need fire extinguishers and where they need to be, you need to know how we can help you care for yourOrlando Fire Extinguisher Services fire extinguisher. We make it easy for you, so don’t worry.


Annual Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

This service ensures that your extinguisher will operate effectively. Our technicians will provide you with any repairs or replacements, as well as internal maintenance and hydrostatic testing as needed.


Six-Year Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

Every 6 years from the date of manufacture, stored-pressure extinguishers that require a 12-year hydrostatic test must be emptied and examined internally and externally according to manufacturer recommendations and NFPA standards. When DynaFire provides your 6 year fire extinguisher maintenance as part of our Orlando fire extinguisher services, we replace all internal parts of the extinguisher, and the dry chemical powder inside is replaced or recycled as needed.


Five And Twelve Year Hydrostatic Testing

If your fire extinguisher requires a hydrostatic test, our technicians will pressure test it to check it’s integrity against potential leaks or ruptures. Other things we look for include:

  • Dents
  • Mechanical injury
  • Corrosion

After everything you’ve just learned about fire extinguisher regulations, maintenance, and testing, we’re not sure why you haven’t already filled out our online contact form. There’s a pretty good chance it will be the best decision you make all day.

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