Fire Extinguisher Maintenance: When To Call In The Pros

As a business owner, you have a lot on your mind. Keeping track of your Orlando fire extinguisher maintenance schedule is one task you can hand over to DynaFire. Our inspection, testing, and maintenance schedule keeps you and your building occupants safe.

Hanging a fire extinguisher on the wall or tucking one away in the breakroom cabinet may make you feel safer. But without proper inspections and maintenance, who knows if it’ll work when Larry from accounting plugs in his space heater and it sparks an electrical fire

We want to share the best practices for Orlando fire extinguisher maintenance and give you tips on when to call in the pros so you’ll know you’re prepared. 

Monthly Inspections

Your building’s fire extinguishers should be visually inspected every month. These inspections aim to find obvious issues that would necessitate professional repair. Visual inspections should include the following steps:

  • Ensure the fire extinguisher is visible or has clear signage indicating its location.
  • Verify easy access to the fire extinguisher.
  • Check that the pressure gauge is within the operable range or position.
  • Confirm its fullness by lifting the extinguisher or using a scale.
  • Inspect wheeled fire extinguishers for acceptable conditions of tires, wheels, carriage, hose, and nozzle.
  • For non-rechargeable extinguishers, perform a push-to-test pressure indicator operation.
  • Create and retain inspection records, including date and inspector name, to be kept on a physical label or electronically for at least 12 months.

If your fire extinguishers are located where they are more prone to rust, tampering, or impact, the NFPA recommends visual inspections more frequently than once a month. While it is not required to have a professional fire extinguisher company perform these visual inspections, our team would be happy to provide that service for you. 

Annual MaintenanceOrlando fire extinguisher maintenance

You’ll need to call in the pros once a year, as only certified professionals are qualified to perform fire extinguisher maintenance. To become certified, an individual must pass a test approved by the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction). Being certified entails, at a minimum, having a good understanding of the NFPA 10 requirements.

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Requirements

Orlando fire extinguisher maintenance follows a specific schedule based on the installation date and the type of fire extinguisher used.

Annual Check-Up

Yearly maintenance of fire extinguishers aims to ensure optimal functionality. A comprehensive professional inspection assesses if any physical damage or condition might hinder its operation. If repairs, replacements, hydrostatic testing, or internal maintenance are needed, our DynaFire team will provide the necessary service accordingly.

Six-Year Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

Stored-pressure fire extinguishers needing a 12-year hydrostatic test, starting from their production date, must undergo comprehensive internal and external inspections every six years. 

These examinations follow specific procedures outlined in the manufacturer’s service manual and NFPA-10 guidelines. During this process, all internal components of the fire extinguisher are replaced, and if required, the dry chemical powder is either recycled or replaced to ensure proper functionality.

Five and 12-Year Hydrostatic Testing

Fire extinguishers undergo hydrostatic tests at five and 12-year intervals from their manufacturing date. This test assesses the extinguisher’s pressure to ensure it does not have leaks or ruptures. 

As part of this process, the fire extinguisher is emptied and undergoes comprehensive internal and external examinations following the manufacturer’s service manual and NFPA-10 guidelines. If, at any point, the fire extinguisher shows dents, mechanical damage, or corrosion indicating potential weakness, it must either be condemned or undergo another hydrostatic test.

Our Orlando Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Company Does It All

In addition to our inspection, maintenance, and repair services, we offer a wide selection of major fire extinguisher brands and types. Our services extend to high and low-pressure hydrostatic testing for all fire extinguishers. 

Additionally, we supply commercial fire extinguisher signs, labels, tags, exit and emergency lights with batteries, fire extinguisher cabinets, training sessions, fire hoses, nozzles, and comprehensive first aid kits. Contact us today for more information.

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