A Couple Of Fire Hazards That Might Inspire You To Invest In A Miami Fire Sprinkler System Installation

Is a Miami fire sprinkler system installation on your New Year’s to-do list? If not, here are a couple of fire hazards that might inspire you to make that appointment.

1. Human Error 

We’re all human and we all make mistakes. Studies show that fires in warehouses are more rare than those that occur in commercial buildings with human interaction. Cigarettes that might not be fully put out, the coffee pot that was left on the burner, and electrical malfunctions are all common causes of fire in a commercial workplace. 

The more people there are in the building, the higher the risk is for a fire. It’s important to invest in a Miami fire sprinkler system installation in order to minimize your chances of human error ruining commercial properties and endangering lives. 

2. Electrical Fires 

Miami Fire Sprinkler System InstallationDepending on your industry, electrical appliances are a part of most everyday jobs. When the infrastructure is set up correctly and left alone, the chances of an electrical fire breaking out are slim to none. However, people are often the origin of the problem. 

If your commercial structure is dependent upon electrical rooms, such as computer server rooms, switchgear rooms or high-tech medical appliances, it would also be a good idea to implement a fire suppression system. A fire suppression system is designed for areas with highly combustible equipment. Its role is to extinguish the fire before it spreads, and the system makes for a great pair with a sprinkler system. 

3. Arson 

Studies show that arson is the leading cause of damage, death, and injuries that occur in commercial buildings. Not only does arson financially affect a business, but it causes permanent damage to those in and around the building. 

While there is no telling what can cause someone to commit arson, there are Fire & Life Safety systems that can be put in place to minimize the damage done, one of which is our alarm monitoring system, DynaNet. DynaNet detects and informs the nearest Central Monitoring Station when moments of crisis occur. It’s a 100% efficient system designed to give business owners peace of mind that even when you aren’t on property, your business is being looked after. 

Contact Us Today For A Miami Fire Sprinkler System Installation 

If you’re ready to invest in a Miami fire sprinkler system installation, we’re only a call away. We can design your sprinkler system to fit your commercial structure and be your go-to company to ensure it’s well-maintained. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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